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Wealth Inequality Explained Through J. Cole's "Brackets"

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deviation digression discongruity discrepancy dissemblance exception idiosyncrasy nonconformity particularity peculiarity separateness separation singularity unconformity unorthodoxness variety normality consent assent concurrence accord usualness differences arguments beeves blowups bone to picks brannigans brawls brush-offs brushes catamarans clashes conflicts contentions contretemps controversies debates disaccords discordances discords disputes dissensions dissent dissidence disunity dustups estrangements hassles quarrels rows run-ins scraps set-tos spats strife tiffs words wrangles approvals consents assents alikenesses ratifications concurrences authorizations accords alterities discrepancies disproportions dissemblances divergencies diversenesses gaps imbalances imparities incongruities othernesses Inequalitied At Inequity Income inequality socioeconomic inequality global inequality sibling inequality interpreted related told induced analyzed argued assumed concluded considered debated determined discussed explained hypothesized posited postulated reasoned thought made clear understood Explainate Explain explain Explainative over buttoned up complete completed concluded ended finis finished in the bag terminated wound up wrapped up incomplete indirect stopping unfinished straight constant free nonstop opened rapid regular straightforward unbroken uninterrupted one-way unhindered for per using via with as a consequence as a result at the hand of because of by dint of by means of by reason by the agency of by virtue of in consequence of in virtue of through the medium of with the help of around about clear into past round throughout within for the period from beginning to end in and out in the middle encircling surrounding through remote far distant away afar appearing in found in in the vicinity of near to placed at situated at toward because as a result of as long as as things go being by cause of by reason of considering due to for the reason that for the sake of in as much as in behalf of in that in the interest of in view of now that on the grounds that owing to seeing since thanks to whereas aside at hand beyond close handy in reach to one side accomplished achieved all over all over but the shouting all-embracing all-inclusive attained compassed consummate done done with down effected entire executed fini finished off full full-fledged home free perfect plenary realized sweeping that's it short part wanting needy missing lacking imperfect deficient defective direct beeline continuous even horizontal in bee line in straight line linear not crooked point-blank right shortest straight ahead straightaway true unswerving devious corrupt different varying interrupted intermittent deviating changing wily unjust dishonest unfair through and through Throughing Pulls through Shot through colee cole Cole Bracketitis brackets Bracket ([]) Brackets bracketeering Bracket bracketing
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