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What are conditional and unconditional pledges, and lenient and strict rules?

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Emissions Gap Report what what? english pronoun question pulp fiction bitch miserlou excuse me what what hello pshh last move rest stay live act hold cease idle lose pass stop leave quit die halt befall occur abide be contained in be expressed by be found in dwell inhere lie repose subsist be left be long lived be timeless bide carry on carry through cling exist go on hang on have no end hold on hold out keep on linger live on never say die outlast outlive perdure persist prevail remain ride out run on stand stay on stick to superannuate survive sustain wear wear on wear well be extant be latent be present breathe continue endure happen obtain be beside be buried be established be even be fixed be found be interred be level be located be on be placed be seated be smooth belong beset extend have its seat in occupy reach spread stretch be alive draw breath get along get by have life lead maintain make it remain alive act as act as broker act for act in place of appear as assume the role of be agent for be attorney for be proxy for betoken body buy for copy correspond to do business for emblematize embody enact epitomize equal equate exemplify exhibit express factor hold office imitate impersonate mean perform personify play the part produce put on reproduce sell for serve serve as show speak for stage stand for steward substitute typify consist represent Ares ares Are limited tentative contingent fortuitous guarded iffy incidental modified obscure qualified relative restricted subject to uncertain provisory reliant relying on unlimited certain definite allusive analogous approaching by comparison comparable conditional connected contrastive correlative corresponding equivalent in proportion like matching metaphorical near not absolute not positive parallel provisional related rivaling similar vying with reservation accessory to ancillary appurtenant controlled by counting depending incidental to liable to reckoning regulated by relying subordinate subservient susceptible sustained by trusting under control of closing consequent dependent down the pike down the road ending endmost ensuing final hindmost in the cards indirect inevitable last later latter overall possible prospective resulting secondary succeeding terminal ulterior ultimate vicarious academic assumptive casual concocted conjecturable conjectural contestable debatable disputable doubtful equivocal imaginary imagined indefinite indeterminate postulated presumptive presupposed pretending problematic putative questionable refutable speculative stochastic supposed suppositional suppositious suspect theoretic theoretical unconfirmed vague capricious chancy dicey erratic fluctuant in lap of gods incalculable undecided unpredictable unsettled up in the air whimsical ephemeral experimental interim makeshift passing pro tem provisionary rough-and-ready stopgap temporary test transient transitional comparative eventual hypothetical also moreover additionally again along along with and as well as well as besides conjointly further furthermore in conjunction with in like manner including likewise more more than that on top of over and above plus still to boot together with too withal added aggrandized amassed another augmented bounteous deeper else enhanced exceeding expanded extended extra farther fresh heavier higher in addition increased innumerable larger major massed new numerous other spare supplementary too many wider And? AND outright full genuine explicit unlimited thorough definite decisive actual assured certain clear complete downright entire final flat out open plenary positive utter whole wide all out no catch no kicker vague obscure limited consummate free infinite no fine print no holds barred no ifs ands or buts no joke no strings attached pure sheer simple straight out supreme total unabridged unadulterated unconditional unqualified unrestricted out-and-out perfect regular straight-out absolute across-the-board all-inclusive overall powerful sweeping wide-ranging blank blanket categorical dyed-in-the-wool flawless impeccable thoroughgoing unblemished unmitigated clinching cogent compelling convincing deciding demonstrative determinant determinative incontrovertible indisputable irrefragable irrefrangible irrefutable irrevocable litmus test precise resolving revealing settling telling ultimate unambiguous unanswerable unarguable undeniable unmistakable unquestionable bloody sure conclusive dead word vow oath toast break pawn bail token surety bond gage hook vouch swear soak hock reject let go affirmation assertion declaration guarantee insurance lock lock on pledge profession promise rain or shine security shoo-in support sure thing warrant warranty word of honor affirm attest aver brace up buck up certify confirm give one's word vouch for collateral recognizance arrangement business compact contract convention covenant deal engagement negotiation pact stipulation transaction treaty understanding action ante betting chance down on hazard long shot lot lottery odds odds on parlay play plunge pot raffle random shot risk shot shot in the dark speculation stake sweepstakes uncertainty venture wager buy in on dice game lay down lay odds play against play for play the ponies pony up put put money on set speculate tempt fortune toss up trust assurance assure bargain bet Pledge tough harsh severe rigid stern dour firm grim hard picky set square stuffy kind facile gentle nice easy mild soft exact close just right total utter true inexact lenient tolerant careless amenable flexible yielding authentic careful concrete correct defined definite deft detailed discriminating discriminative distinct explicit factual faithful genuine judicious literal matter-of-fact methodical meticulous on the button on the money on the nose particular proper punctilious punctual regular rigorous scientific scrupulous sharp skillful solid specific strict systematic ultraprecise unerring unmistakable veracious absolute actual authoritative certain conclusive definitive errorless faultless final flawless infallible irrefutable official perfect straight truthful undeniable undisputed unimpeachable unquestionable unrefuted valid abstaining abstemious abstinent austere disciplined puritanical spartan ascetic astringent cold earnest exacting forbidding formal grave inexorable inflexible obdurate serious sober solemn somber stiff stringent unfeeling unrelenting chaste continent economical self-denying self-disciplined straightlaced subdued autocratic despotic dictatorial disciplinarian doctrinaire dogmatic imperious magisterial totalitarian tyrannical unyielding accurate authoritarian rules Rule Rules rule trouble rule breaker detention mistakes laws written law regulations guide irule internet rule 34 ruler follow issue venting refrain bar beacon chink column dartle emission finger flicker glare gleam glimmer glint glitter glow laser radiation ray shaft shimmer shoot sparkle streak stream twinkle elimination emptying excretion exudation flow ooze pus secretion seepage shower suppuration vent voiding diffusion disintegration dispersal dispersion dissemination dissolution distribution extravagance improvidence scattering spread vanishing wastage waste address discharge effluence effluvium efflux emanation exudate gush gushing outflow pouring shedding verbosity wordiness arising beginning derivation drainage effluent effusion ejaculation emerging escape exhalation flowing issuance issuing leakage oozing origin origination outpour proceeding springing welling climax copulation beam dissipation E-mission rift cut divide void crack chasm hole recess gully defile rest hollow slit cranny rent blank slot pause space cleft gulch gorge arroyo hiatus canyon lacuna ravine notch lull clove accord closing closure harmony energy solid breach break chink eye fissure gap gash interstice opening orifice outlet passage perforation pinhole puncture rupture slash vent abyss cavity emptiness gulf hollowness interval nihility nothingness nullity omission preterition pretermission skip tabula rasa vacancy vacuity vacuum womb discontinuity disjunction division fracture schism split tear armpit atrium basin bursa caries chamber crater decay dent depression pit pocket sinus socket aperture crevice allowance assart defoliated area empty space expanse headroom margin open space clearance picture word detail summary note record paper news release article message opinion address tidings digest rundown wire brief version outline recital handout tale scoop piece cable history précis quiet silence advice speech rumor hash chat dirt cry tattle rumble canard murmur buzz earful sound crash bang boom crack blast name rep fame disclose reveal inform describe list publish declare notify mention announce document tell present recite relate air trumpet itemize rehearse state spread impart advise relay inscribe recount narrate cover proclaim retail pass on write up hide secret keep arrive reach appear show come get to ABCs annal blow by blow bulletin chronicle explanation lowdown make narration narrative play by play report run-down score story tab take the picture the whole picture IOU bad news balance bill book books charge check computation cuff grunt inventory invoice ledger reckoning register statement tally acquaint apprise clue clue in fill in give the word keep posted lay it out let in on make known post put next to put on the line put on to tip off update warn estimation evaluation finding interpretation judgment reasoning study advertise annunciate blazon broadcast call communicate disseminate divulge drum give out intimate issue make public pass the word promulgate propound publicize run off at mouth sound off spread around advertisement briefing broadcasting communication communiqué disclosure dissemination divulgence edict exposing exposition expression intimation notice notification prediction promulgation publication publishing recitation reporting revelation account analysis announcement
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