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What is the carried interest loophole? And why should we close it? | Robert Reich on MSNBC

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every the borne drifting lugged toted imported alien carried choice exotic ferried foreign introduced rare sent shipped transported trucked familiar exported moved changed conveyed displaced dragged driven elevated flown hauled lifted lowered pushed reallocated reassigned replaced shifted transferred kept remaining resident delivered expressed traveling en route freighted mobile moving on board passing transportable fixed immobile permanent stationary activity concern enthusiasm importance passion significance sympathy absorption affection attentiveness care case consequence diversion engrossment excitement game hobby interestedness matter moment note notice pastime preoccupation pursuit racket recreation regard relaxation relevance sport suspicion thing concernment into leisure activity hate indifference insignificance boredom dislike disregard hatred heedlessness ignorance neglect unimportance apathy disinterest benefit gain profit prosperity well-being good welfare loss disadvantage 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cool detached dry foreign reserved choky heavy stale stifling suffocating sweltering airless breathless fusty moldy motionless muggy musty stagnant stale-smelling sticky stuffy sultry sweltry uncomfortable unventilated hidden retired secluded buttoning one's lip buttoned-up clamming up close-lipped closemouthed hush-hush mum's the word reticent secretive silent taciturn tight chops tight-lipped uncommunicative unforthcoming zipping one's lips indiscreet gossipy public mean penny-pinching skinflint chintzy closefisted illiberal mingy miserly parsimonious penurious skimpy tight-fisted ungenerous generous giving conclusion adjournment cease cessation completion culmination denouement end finale finish period stop termination wind-up desistance beginning commencement initiation opening start block shut shutter bang bar bolt button caulk choke clap clench clog confine congest cork dam exclude fasten fill lock occlude plug screen secure slam stopper stuff prevent passage put to retard flow 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careless counterfeit easygoing false general improper incorrect indefinite lenient uncareful uncertain undetailed unreal unsuitable untrustworthy vague doubtful erroneous faulty lax misleading mistaken questionable untruthful wrong achieve accomplish acquire actualize attain bring about bring off bring to pass carry out carry through complete deliver discharge dispatch earn earn wings effect effectuate enact execute follow through fulfill gain get get done manage negotiate obtain perfect perform procure produce rack up reach realize resolve score seal see through settle sign solve win work out abandon depart destroy fail forfeit give up ignore leave lose miss neglect pass question spend unsettle wonder bear create detain forget hold imprison keep retain surrender yield alongside beside bordering close-by near next door touching divided apart disconnected answer Band-Aid acknowledgment antiphon back talk backcap comeback comment cooler counterclaim crack defense disclosure echo elucidation explanation feedback guff interpretation justification key lip observation parting shot pay dirt plea quick fix rebuttal refutation rejoinder remark repartee report resolution response result retort return rhetorical question riposte solution statement thank-you note the ticket topper vindication wisecrack problem quiet request silence trouble answers Band-aids acknowledgments antiphons back talks backcaps closes comebacks comments coolers counterclaims cracks defenses disclosures echoes elucidations explanations feedbacks guffs interpretations justifications keys lips observations parting shots pay dirts pleas quick fixes rebuttals refutations rejoinders remarks repartees reports resolutions responses results retorts returns rhetorical questions ripostes signs solutions statements thank-you notes the tickets toppers wisecracks troubles problems questions requests silences approximate alike analogous comparable like matching relative verging on different dissimilar precise same
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