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When Gollum has a precious startup idea... (video)

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Gollum has a precious billion-dollar startup idea. Find out his reaction...Read the full article: https://goo.gl/4fN2UUGet a free Startup Course: https://goo.gl/fxCftnMoral of the story: don't hide your startup idea, DO talk about it to other people in order to move it forward!Educational and Parody content


entrepreneur entrepreneurship startup startups gollum secretive genius founder albeit during while admitting despite despite the fact even if even supposing granting granting all this in spite of much as notwithstanding still supposing though when whereas all along all the while amid at the same time as at the time for the time being in the course of in the interim in the meanwhile in the middle of in the time of meanwhile mid midst over pending the time between the whole time throughout until a while later after a while afterward attendant back by and by coming coming after coming next consecutive consequent consequential directly after ensuing henceforth hinder in pursuit in search of in the wake of later later on latter next next off on the scent posterior presently proximate pursuing rear resulting sequent sequential serial seriate specified subsequent succeeding successive supervenient then trailing ad interim concurrently during the interval for now for the duration for the moment for then in the interval in the intervening time in the meantime meantime simultaneously till up to again all at once anon at that instant at that moment at that point at that time before long formerly on that occasion soon after suddenly thereupon years ago allowing although but even though granted howbeit following When When... WHEN Gollum gollum enjoy get bear accept keep admit own take carry retain hold obtain gain hog land secure annex occupy corner sit on lack need exclude reject forfeit refuse avoid dodge release deny dispute forsake neglect fail lose miss pass yield give offer drop spend free let go abandon stop want kill undergo feel leave see know allow permit become suffer let sustain must fall on ought should halt involve include subsume embrace embody take in fix fool undo dupe beget access achieve amass attain bring in buy catch collect cop corral earn gather get hands on get hold of grab have hustle latch onto lock up pick up procure promote rack up scare up snag take possession of wangle win absorb appreciate believe comprehend conceive digest fathom get the picture grasp imagine perceive read realize recognize sense think cherish entertain exhibit harbor hold up maintain possess shoulder uphold weigh upon betray bluff burn cheat chisel con deceive delude double-cross entice exploit finesse 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pricey steep top gorgeous lavish luxurious opulent splendid sumptuous adorable affected beloved Precious charity company guild society set-up association constitution corporation creation endowment establishment inauguration institute institution organization origination plantation settlement trusteeship start-up startup Startup Startups idea IDEA Idea video Video manager producer founder backer promoter employee charlatan daredevil entrepreneur explorer fortune-hunter gambler globetrotter hero heroine madcap mercenary opportunist pioneer pirate romantic speculator stunt person swashbuckler traveler venturer voyager wanderer agent business person dealer factor financier go-between interagent interceder intercessor intermediary intermediate mediator merchant middleperson negotiator stockbroker baron big wheel big-time operator businessman businesswoman capitalist career person employer executive franchiser gray flannel suit industrialist merchandiser operator organization person small potatoes storekeeper suit the bacon tradesperson trafficker tycoon wheeler-dealer working woman banker bourgeois businessperson investor landowner moneybags one who signs the checks plutocrat the boss the money CEO President big shot boss chief company corporation director establishment firm front office head head honcho juice kingpin management manufacturer meal ticket organization outfit overseer owner patron proprietor slavedriver superintendent supervisor workers big cheese VIP administration administrator brass commander directorate exec government governor head person heavyweight hierarchy higher-up key player leader leadership officer official skipper top brass adventurer broker Entrepreneur diddy unemployed job combs employeer wanna failure entrepenuer enterprise capitalism pioneerdom entrepreneurship charity company guild society set-up startup start-up Startup Startups Gollum gollum reticent covert enigmatic taciturn cagey close cryptic feline furtive reserved silent withdrawn hushed on the QT zipped honest open careful circumspect crafty cunning leery secretive shrewd sly wary wily buttoning one's lip buttoning up clamming up close-lipped closemouthed hidden hush-hush mum's the word on the Q. T. private retired secluded tight chops tight-lipped uncommunicative unforthcoming zipping one's lips Delphian Delphic abstruse ambiguous apocryphal arcane cabalistic dark equivocal esoteric evasive incomprehensible inexplicable murky mysterious mystic mystical mystifying occult opaque oracular perplexing puzzling recondite strange tenebrous unclear unfathomable uninformative vague veiled camouflaged concealed dim faint indistinct insignificant low-key low-profile modest muted ordinary plain quiet retiring shy soft-pedalled subtle tenuous unassuming unemphatic unobtrusive unostentatious bashful cautious close-mouthed cold collected cool demure introspective offish reclusive restrained soft-spoken solitary standoffish buttoned up clammed up mute nonvocal not forthcoming not talkative soundless speechless still tongue-tied unsociable unspeaking voiceless wordless inconspicuous introverted mum acumen knack prowess ability wisdom talent prodigy flair bent brain aptness expert turn head power reach adept faculty grasp mature lack weakness amateur idiot imbecile adroitness capability cleverness command craft deftness expertise expertness finesse genius gift handiness ingenuity know-how mastery mind for proficiency savvy skill skillfulness strength the goods the right stuff what it takes champion master pro star virtuoso winner wizard accomplishment artfulness brilliance craftship creativity style taste touch virtuosity workmanship aim aptitude bag disposition druthers facility forte head-set inclining leaning mind-set nose penchant predilection predisposition preference proclivity propensity set tack tendency thing for tilt weakness for Einstein academician doctor egghead highbrow intellect intellectual mastermind pundit sage scholar accomplished acute astute brainy bright clever discerning eggheaded gifted ingenious inventive knowing knowledgeable masterly penetrating profound quick quick-witted sharp smart talented whip whiz kid ace artistry brilliant Genius patron creator builder author planner maker framer opponent abort stumble sprawl misfire lurch trip stagger sink fall go down be lost go lame rise antecedent antecessor ascendant forebear forefather foregoer foremother forerunner founder precursor primogenitor progenitor belly up bend break cave in conk out crack up crumple deflate disintegrate droop drop exhaust fail faint fall down flag flake out fold give give in give out give way go to pieces keel over languish shatter subside succumb tire topple weaken weary wilt yield architect begetter brain deity designer generator initiator originator prime mover producer sire baffle balk bring to naught bungle cast down chagrin circumvent come to nothing dash dash hopes deceive delude disconcert disenchant disgruntle dishearten disillusion dissatisfy dumbfound embitter fall down on fall flat fall short of foil hamper hinder leave in the lurch let down miscarry mislead not show put out ruin prospects stand up tease thwart torment vex administrator backer businessperson contractor executive impressario industrialist manager organizer promoter undertaker back wrong horse backslide be defeated be demoted be found lacking be in vain be ruined blunder break down come to naught decline deteriorate fall short fall through fizzle flop flounder go astray go down swinging go downhill go up in smoke go wrong hit bottom hit the skids lose control lose out lose status meet with disaster miss miss the boat play into run aground slip turn out badly ancestor collapse disappoint entrepreneur Founder
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