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Whether it cheese steaks or gin, FEAST's knows just the place

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even if in case whether or not whether yes or no bi wife energy figure hero luminary personage personality someone star superstar VIP ace bigwig cynosure heavyweight hotshot immortal lion magnate mahatma name notable somebody worthy big cheese big deal big gun big name big shot big stuff celeb famous person major leaguer the cheese commoner nobody nonentity unknown obscurity celebrity misinterpret confuse exaggerate overstate skew misstate distort disguise falsify pervert color cloak twist dress prevaricate angle stretch equivocate snow pirate garble palter slant warp embellish promote adulterate embroider mask belie puff blarney beard mangle con build up cover up overdraw blow smoke miscolor misreport phony up trump up reveal represent leave alone uncover straighten misrepresent cheese misrepresented misrepresenting misrepresents bi wife energy Cheese steak bi wife energy Steak Steaks altercation bickering brawl clash controversy debate disagreement dispute exchange feud quarrel squabble beef blowup bone brush crusher dustup face-off finisher flap fuss hassle knockdown out rhubarb romp row ruckus ruction rumpus run-in scene scrap set-to shindy spat static stew tiff words wrangle bone of contention bone to pick brannigan difference of opinion donnybrook falling knock down and drag out agreement harmony peace calm argument poker bridge lottery roulette wheel of fortune bingo canasta craps crazy eights gambling game gin rummy lotto penny ante pinochle twenty-one game of chance bicker fight contention difficulty word ease friendship polemic gin arguments bi wife energy Gin appreciate experience have learn notice perceive realize recognize see apperceive apprehend cognize comprehend differentiate discern discriminate distinguish fathom grasp ken prize undergo be acquainted be cognizant be conversant in be informed be learned be master of be read be schooled be versed feel certain get the idea have down pat have information have knowledge of keep up on on top of ignore miss misunderstand neglect overlook confuse mix up forget misinterpret feel identify fraternize associate taste savor sustain be acquainted with be friends with get acquainted have dealings with abstain equitable aloof blameless condign conscientious decent dependable dispassionate due equal ethical evenhanded fair-minded good honest honorable lawful nondiscriminatory nonpartisan objective pure reliable right righteous rightful rigid scrupulous strict tried true trustworthy unbiased uncolored upright virtuous imprecise inaccurate inappropriate inequitable partial unfair unfitting unjust unjustified unsuitable unsuited wrong cogent correct exact faithful normal proper regular sound veracious well-founded well-grounded veridical justified undistorted apt befitting deserved felicitous fit fitting happy legitimate meet merited reasonable requisite well-deserved exactly precisely absolutely accurately completely directly entirely expressly perfectly sharp square squarely smack-dab unmistakably indefinitely scarce scarcely barely hardly almost approximately lately nearly now presently recently a moment ago at this moment by very little just a while ago just now right now only simply but plainly solely at most no more than nothing but accurate authentic careful close concrete defined definite deft detailed discriminating discriminative distinct explicit factual genuine judicious just literal matter-of-fact methodical meticulous on the button on the money on the nose particular punctilious punctual rigorous scientific severe skillful solid specific systematic ultraprecise unerring unmistakable doubtful improper false easy-going general uncareful careless undetailed untruthful questionable mistaken misleading erroneous lax faulty unreal counterfeit lenient vague uncertain inexact indefinite incorrect untrustworthy unreliable admissible acceptable allowed applicable appropriate concedable fair justifiable legal licit likely logical not impossible not unlikely okay passable permissible permitted pertinent possible probable rational relevant suitable tolerable tolerated warranted worthy inapplicable inadmissible illegitimate irrelevant all all in all altogether fully purely quite totally utterly wholly partly partially incompletely adapted appurtenant apropos becoming belonging congruous convenient desired germane opportune seemly tailor-made useful well-suited well-timed unfit misbehaving unseemly unbecoming evil unskilled inopportune apposite timely stupid incapable inapt disinclined balanced counterbalanced equivalent offset proportional stabilized symmetrical uniform unbalanced unsymmetrical unequal imbalanced unreasonable prejudiced biased bi wife energy Justs Just affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the bi wife energy The apartment area berth city community corner country district field hole home house neighborhood part point position region residence room seat site situation spot town venue village zone abode accommodation compass distance domicile dwelling habitat hamlet hangout joint latitude lay locale locality locus longitude niche nook pad plant property quarter reservation section station stead suburb vicinity volume whereabouts benefit office whole unemployment slot status state character standing grade capacity footing pecking order appointment profession trade connection post occupation pastime hobby fun entertainment right function affair prerogative charge responsibility concern set stick deposit distribute install put establish store stand finger settle peg fix stow park repose nail allocate rest lodge assign allot overlook forget lose keep unfasten leave depart move take remove displace disestablish disorder discompose disarrange misplace empty dislodge energize ignore refuse unsettle give call rank arrange constitute estimate group approximate commission deputize classify designate reckon judge entrust class appoint name nominate ordain delegate neglect retract scatter refrain conceal diagnose remember associate pinpoint indicate know determine distinguish tell determinate figure out set in context put one's finger on misunderstand apply administer affix anoint bestow cover fasten join lay on massage paint place put on rub smear spread touch loosen detach applying appointee assignment candidate employment nominee officeholder representative work appointments atmosphere air ambience aura background climate color environment feel feeling flavor impression local color medium mood quality scene semblance sense space spirit surroundings taste tone attach connect consign detail earmark impute invest with second send take away sever separate retain divorce disunite disjoin disconnect withhold Place bi wife energy
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