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Who else has tried the funky candlepin bowling of Massachusetts?

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which that fact that one that other the one in question that who Who Jazz Cabbage W.H.O. additional extra in addition more other another a distinct a further a separate added else farther fresh further new one more some other that besides added to additionally along with also and all apart from as well as aside from beyond conjointly exceeding exclusive of furthermore in conjunction with in distinction to in excess of in other respects likewise more than moreover not counting on the side on top of everything other than otherwise over and above plus secondly supplementary to to boot together with too what's more with the exception of yet auxiliary increased renewed supplementary gentle unenergetic lifeless exhausted stale old polite kind experienced worn used tired fresher freshest Else Jazz Cabbage accept acquire admit bear carry enjoy gain get hold include keep obtain own pick up possess receive retain take annex compass corner hog land occupy procure secure chalk up get hands on get hold of have in hand latch on to lock up sit on take in teem with abandon avoid deny disallow dispossess dispute dodge drop exclude fail forfeit forsake free give lack let go lose miss misunderstand need neglect offer pass refuse reject release spend stop surrender throw away yield kill want undergo consider feel experience leave see know allow permit become suffer let tolerate sustain entertain must be compelled to be forced to be up to fall on meet with ought put up with rest with should think about be one's duty to halt forget ignore involve subsume embrace embody encompass comprehend comprise fix fool outsmart outfox outwit undo dupe overreach outmaneuver deceive swindle buy off tamper with deliver beget bring forth give birth has Jazz Cabbage H.A.S. HAS ha's approved proved tested certified demonstrated secure staunch used constant dependable faithful steadfast tried-and-true true-blue trustworthy trusty unreliable untried believable aboveboard acceptable authentic colorable conceivable convincing credential credible creditable fiduciary honest-to-God imaginable impressive likely persuasive plausible possible presumable presumptive probable rational reasonable reliable satisfying straight supposable tenable tried unquestionable up front unreasonable incredible unthinkable unconvincing unlikely unimaginable unbelievable inconceivable improbable implausible always there carrying the load certain good as one's word loyal rocklike stable steady sturdy sure to be counted on true unfailing weak unsure unsteady uncertain irresponsible dishonest disloyal undependable untrustworthy unfaithful wobbly unstable experienced accomplished accustomed adept been around been there broken in capable competent cultivated dynamite expert familiar in the know instructed knowing one's stuff knowing the score mature matured old old hand practical practiced pro professional qualified rounded seasoned skillful sophisticated sport the right stuff trained versed vet veteran well-versed wise worldly worldly-wise unknowledgeable unfamiliar untrained amateur untalented inept green unsophisticated unseasoned immature unskillful unskilled unable incompetent incapable inexperienced ignorant affectionate allegiant ardent attached behind one circumspect confiding conscientious devoted dutiful dyed-in-the-wool enduring fast firm genuine hard-core honest honorable incorruptible loving obedient on the level patriotic resolute scrupulous sincere string along with tried and true truthful unchanging unswerving unwavering upright veracious different treacherous unfixed wavering loose flexible false disliking cool cold corrupt careless inexact inaccurate untrue inconstant changeable fraudulent faithless untruthful lying disobedient negligent unscrupulous irresolute foolproof fail-safe faultless flawless goofproof guaranteed idiot-proof never-failing perfect safe sure-fire unassailable unerring inspected authorized checked investigated Jazz Cabbage Tried affecting breathtaking climactic comic dramaturgic dramaturgical effective electrifying emotional expressive farcical histrionic impressive melodramatic powerful sensational spectacular startling striking sudden suspenseful tense histrionical the The Jazz Cabbage earthy fashionable hip modish unconventional dispirited blue bummed-out crestfallen depressed despondent disconsolate discouraged disheartened down downbeat downcast downhearted dragged funky gloomy glum in the doldrums low melancholy morose shot-down spiritless woebegone inspirited decent gay heartened above happy enthused cheerful encouraged elated bawdy coarse crude down home down-to-earth dull easygoing folksy hard-boiled home folk homely homey indelicate lowbred lusty mundane natural pragmatic ribald robust rough simple unidealistic uninhibited unrefined sophisticated refined elegant cultured eccentric aberrant abnormal anomalous beat bent bizarre capricious characteristic cockeyed crazy curious droll erratic far out flaky freak freakish funny idiosyncratic irregular kooky nutty odd oddball off the wall off-center offbeat out in left field outlandish peculiar quaint queer quirky quizzical singular strange uncommon unnatural way out weird whimsical wild plain ordinary regular familiar conventional normal common reasonable unexciting boring usual standard cranky unusual sane malodorous bad decayed decomposed fetid foul frowzy fusty gamy high infested lousy mephitic musty nasty nauseating noisome noxious off offensive pestilential poisonous polluted putrid rancid rank reeking rotten smelly stale stenchful stinking strong tainted vile sweet savory perfumed fragrant aromatic moldy airless dirty mildewed mildewy rotting stuffy new fresh Jazz Cabbage candlepins duckpins ninepins skittles kegling lawn bowling bowling Jazz Cabbage Bowling
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