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Who's at fault? Personally it didn't look like a push to me. I say the downed rider screwed up.

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directly individually privately alone by oneself for one's part for oneself in one's own view in person in the flesh individualistically narrowly on one's own solely specially subjectively generally objectively confidentially behind closed doors between ourselves between us between you and me covertly don't breathe a word hushedly in confidence in on the ground floor off the cuff off the record personally sub-rosa commonly familiarly openly publicly candidly honestly literally plainly point-blank truthfully unequivocally verbatim without prevarication word for word indirectly apart distinctively exclusively independently one at a time one by one restrictedly severally singly without help together intimately informally lovingly secretly well reservedly myself I personally me personally the author the speaker the writer yours truly orally by work of mouth spoken viva voce attention eye glance glimpse peek review stare view beholding case cast contemplation flash gander gaze gun inspection introspection leer marking noticing observation once-over reconnaissance regard regarding scrutiny sight slant speculation squint surveillance survey swivel viewing evil eye keeping watch look-see disregard ignorance indifference neglect demeanor expression face fashion manner presence air aspect bearing complexion countenance effect guise mien mug physiognomy seeming semblance visage consider notice peer read see study watch admire attend behold beware contemplate focus gape gawk glower goggle heed inspect mark mind note observe ogle peep rubberneck scan scout scrutinize spot spy tend feast one's eyes get a load of pore over take a gander take in the sights forget ignore overlook look away scorn avoid dodge miss express show sound display evidence exhibit indicate manifest present resemble look like make clear strike as conceal contradict cover hide withhold hope search seek await divine forecast foretell hunt count on reckon on find front front on give onto address affectation ambience appearance atmosphere aura comportment deportment feel feeling flavor impression look mannerism mood pose property quality tone absence reality attitude blind carriage character condition dress feature figure form image looks mode outline presentation screen shape stamp back rear departure disappearance leaving facet whole aspects airs appearances attitudes bearings conditions countenances expressions faces facets forms manners miens wholes behavior poise port set stand addresses behaviors carriages displays fronts ports poses presences sets stands alike comparable related agnate allied allying approximating close cognate conforming congeneric consonant corresponding double equal equaling equivalent jibing matching near parallel relating resembling same twin uniform according to akin analogous approximative carbon-copy coextensive commensurate compatible congenerous consistent homologous identical in the manner of much the same not far from not unlike on the order of selfsame such undifferentiated different dissimilar unlike away changing divergent far inconsistent mismatched unalike unequal unfriendly variable admire appreciate go for love adore approve cherish dig esteem exclaim fancy prize relish savor be gratified by be keen on be partial to be pleased by be sweet on care for care to delight in derive pleasure from dote on feast on find appealing get a kick out of hanker for hold dear indulge in luxuriate in rejoice in revel in stuck on take an interest in take delight in take satisfaction in take to dislike hate scorn despise not care refuse ignore feel like please prefer want desire elect select will wish feel disposed have a preference for incline toward for example for instance such as thus accept acknowledge affirm approbate buy countenance favor hold hold with like recognize swallow take as gospel truth take stock in trust disapprove disbelieve blackball decline demur deny disagree disallow discard dispute reject renounce repudiate affiliated connate cognated incident kindred similar alien disconnected unconnected unrelated Xerox approximate associated carbon copy concurrent correspondent dead ringer ditto duplicate even facsimile indistinguishable look-alike matched mated proportionate same difference spitting image distinct diverse opposite convertible interchangeable disagreeing disparate applaud enjoy extol honor look up to praise rate highly respect think highly of treasure value abhor condemn denounce detest disrespect reproach criticize decrease depreciate disparage disregard lose value neglect overlook advance assault attack drive effort offensive thrust bearing blow butt charge driving energy exerting exertion forcing impact jolt lean mass nudge onset poke prod propulsion shove straining thrusting weight hesitation idleness laziness discouragement disinterest pull initiative ambition dynamism enterprise get-up-and-go gumption guts pep punch snap spunk starch vigor vitality apathy cowardice inactivity lethargy accelerate bump depress force launch move pressure propel shift budge bulldoze crowd dig elbow exert gore hustle impel jam jostle muscle railroad ram shoulder squash squeeze squish steamroll stir strain strong-arm bear down crush against high-pressure lie on make one's way pour it on put the arm on rest on discourage dissuade hinder hold keep remain retard stop calm delay laze leave alone rest slow wait conceal hide repress suppress encourage press speed spur browbeat coerce constrain dragoon expedite goad goose hurry influence inspire jolly kid motivate oblige persuade egg on exert influence fire up go to town on key up lean on overpress push around put the screws to put up to sell on speed up turn on boost hype plug propagandize publicize puff cry up make known decrease halt secret acclaim applaud approve blow horn celebrate cheer clap commend compliment eulogize exalt extol give a bouquet give a posy give kudos hail hand it to hear it for honor laud praise puff up push rave recommend root salute stroke blame criticize censure condemn denounce disapprove refuse reproach berate damn dishonor vituperate adduce allege ballyhoo beat the drum for benefit cite foster further get ink for introduce lay forward make a pitch for offer present proffer put forward put on the map serve set forth splash spot submit suggest throw spotlight on urge block hurt prevent refrain take withhold back down hesitate recede retreat retrogress take back turn withdraw yield advances accelerates achieves brings forward comes forward conquers continues ahead continues on dispatches drives elevates forges ahead gains ground gets ahead gets green light gets there gets with it goes ahead goes forth goes forward goes great guns goes places goes to town hastens launches makes headway makes the scene marches moves on moves onward moves up press on proceeds progresses promotes propels pushes ahead pushes on quickens sends forward skyrockets speeds steps forward storms yields withdraws turns keeps holds stops halts takes back decreases retrogresses retreats recedes hesitates retards ceases hinders advertise acquaint advise announce apprise bill blazon build up circularize communicate declare disclose display divulge drum endorse exhibit expose flaunt get on soapbox for hard sell herald inform make a pitch notify pitch press agent proclaim promote promulgate reveal show soft sell sponsor tout uncover unmask bottle up cover secrete deceive deny keep secret advertises acquaints advises announces apprises ballyhoos beats the drum for bills blazons boosts builds up circularizes communicates declares discloses displays divulges drums endorses exhibits exposes flaunts gets on soapbox for heralds hypes informs makes a pitch makes known notifies pitches plugs proclaims promulgates puffs pushes puts on the map reveals shows splashes sponsors spots touts uncovers unmasks keeps secret secrets discourages hurts covers secretes deceives denies disapproves bottles up suppresses withholds hides conceals advocate argue for back be in corner bless bolster brace up campaign for champion countenance defend favor get on bandwagon give a leg up give a lift go for go to bat for go with hold with justify plead for plump for press for propose ride shotgun for root for run interference for say so side speak for spread around stump for support uphold vindicate oppose reject undermine assail impugn protest add announce answer assert claim convey declare deliver disclose estimate express maintain mention read repeat reply report respond reveal speak state suggest tell voice affirm allege communicate conjecture divulge flap gab guess imagine imply jaw judge lip opine orate perform pronounce rap recite rehearse relate remark render rumor spiel utter verbalize yak break silence come out with give voice make known put forth put into words ask be quiet conceal deny disclaim hide hold keep keep secret listen neglect question refrain request retain suppress withhold fail praise acknowledge answer back argue back at you back-talk be in touch comeback contest counterclaim defend disprove dispute echo explain feedback field the question get back at get back to give a snappy comeback parry plead rebut refute rejoin resolve retaliate retort return sass say settle shoot back solve squelch talk back top agree ignore leave renounce wonder allow prove answered clarified conformed correlated corresponded cracked dealt with did doped doped out elucidated filled fit licked measured up met passed qualified satisfied served sufficed suited unzipped worked worked through questioned asked disagreed took received lost differed failed missed used refused dissatisfied answers clarifies conforms correlates corresponds cracks deals with does dopes dopes out elucidates fills fits licks measures up meets passes qualifies satisfies serves suffices suits unzips works works through questions asks disagrees takes receives loses differs fails misses uses refuses dissatisfies articulate enunciate mouth sound off talk vocalize bumble disconnect misrepresent misspeak articulates concatenates couples fits together hinges integrates joins links misspeaks separates divides misrepresents bumbles disconnects disjoins advance asseverate attest aver avouch avow cite contend justify predicate press proclaim profess protest put forward stand up for stress swear uphold warrant disavow negate repudiate every the absorb consume devour drink eat inhale digest down build ingest abate curtail decrease dilute diminish dwindle ease erode impair lighten minimize mitigate narrow shrink slacken taper off weaken abridge amputate attenuate clip close contract crop cut decline de-escalate degrade downsize drain minify moderate soft pedal taper thin truncate become smaller cut back die down grow less roll back slack up slow down take the bite out take the edge off take the sting out wind down develop enlarge expand extend grow increase intensify irritate lengthen prolong strengthen worsen go up rise 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