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"Why?"; Sincere Questions About Islam, Sincere Answers - Shaykh Hamza Karamali

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candid earnest forthright genuine heartfelt outspoken real serious true trustworthy aboveboard actual artless bona fide dead-level dear devout faithful frank guileless honest to God like it is meant natural no fooling no-nonsense on the level on the line on up and up open plain pretensionless regular righteous saintly square sure enough true-blue twenty-four carat unaffected undesigning undissembled unfeigned unpretentious up-front wholehearted counterfeit deceitful devious dishonest false flippant insincere invalid trivial unimportant unreal untrustworthy tricky direct honest ingenuous innocent naive pure sincere straight straightforward unadorned uncontrived unsophisticated up front sophisticated pretentious contrived complicated artful bluff barefaced bearish blunt blustering breviloquent brief brusque crusty curt downright gruff hearty laconic plain-spoken rough rude short short-spoken snippety snippy tactless tart terse unceremonious definite long lengthy polite courteous bluffer equal equitable fair free frontal impartial just objective right up front scrupulous telling it like it is truthful unbiased uncolored unequivocal unprejudiced unpretended upright prejudiced lying tactful untruthful biased cordial affable affectionate agreeable amicable buddy-buddy cheerful clubby companionable congenial convivial cozy genial glowing gracious happy heart-to-heart invigorating jovial mellow neighborly palsy-walsy red-carpet responsive social sympathetic tender warm warmhearted welcoming uncordial unenthusiastic unhappy sad disagreeable cool cold unpleasant inhospitable indifferent hostile aloof unkind unsociable unfriendly unsympathetic unfeeling unconcerned uncaring credible colorable conceivable conclusive creditable dependable determinative imaginable likely plausible possible probable probably rational reasonable reliable satisfactory satisfying seeming solid sound supposable tenable thinkable trusty valid incredible impossible unreasonable untenable unlikely unimaginable inconceivable improbable unsound unbelievable irresponsible deceptive implausible unacceptable unreliable undependable took an L Sincere inquiry investigation query questioning catechism examination inquest inquiring inquisition interrogation interrogatory poll wringer Q and A third degree answer reply agreement concord harmony mystery objection confusion challenge uncertainty argument difficulty problem debate dispute contention remonstration puzzle protest misgiving demur enigma dubiety remonstrance demurral certainty acceptance calm point discussion topic theme proposal subject motion proposition grill search interrogate quiz investigate interview seek examine knock hit roast inquire probe pump quest enquire solicit catechize pry petition cross-examine go over ask about give the third degree hit up hold out for make inquiry put through the wringer put to the question raise question show curiosity sound out sweat it out of work over pick one's brains surety sureness doubtlessness find oppose suspect hesitate impugn distrust disbelieve mistrust controvert suspicion impeach call into question cast doubt upon puzzle over wonder about trust believe Questions took an L question Question around back backward in reverse round any which way anyhow here and there almost nearly roughly approximately practically in general in the ball park in the neighborhood pretty nearly remote far distant away afar apropos regarding touching as concerns as respects dealing with in connection with in relation to in respect to referring to relative to touching on nearby adjacent beside through surrounding throughout encircling about about to all but as good as bordering on close to close upon essentially for the greatest part in effect in the neighborhood of in the vicinity of just about most much near to nigh not far from not quite on the brink of on the edge of on the point of on the verge of pretty near relatively substantially virtually well-nigh within sight of anyway at any rate at random haphazard haphazardly helter-skelter however in any case in any respect in any way in either way in one way or another in whatever way nevertheless random randomly regardless under any circumstances whatever happens willy-nilly ballpark figure circa closely comparatively generally in the ballpark in the region of loosely more or less proximately upwards of very close precisely exactly definitely clearly accurately against as for as regards as to concerning on the subject of respecting toward with reference to with respect to close at hand near astir active afoot alert awake roused took an L About Islam took an L islam comment explanation feedback interpretation justification key observation rebuttal remark report resolution response result return sign solution statement acknowledgment antiphon close comeback cooler counterclaim crack defense disclosure echo elucidation guff lip plea refutation rejoinder repartee retort riposte topper vindication wisecrack Band-Aid back talk backcap parting shot pay dirt quick fix rhetorical question thank-you note the ticket problem question quiet request silence trouble respond claim deny resolve acknowledge explain say solve plead argue defend sass refute rejoin top contest squelch settle disprove retaliate parry rebut dispute get back at answer back back at you be in touch field the question get back to give a snappy comeback shoot back talk back allow leave wonder agree ask prove renounce ignore meet clarify satisfy conform lick correlate fit suffice work serve correspond qualify unzip suit elucidate pass dope fill deal with dope out measure up work through disagree take receive lose differ fail miss use refuse dissatisfy Hamza took an L
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