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Why some animals are shrinking

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Vox.com explain explainer vox birds animal ecosystem wildlife fauna shrinking smaller brian weeks university of michigan bergmann's rule biodiversity climate change global warming field musem miniaturize are animals getting smaller measuring animals animal size cause motive mystery proof how conundrum brain-teaser closed book enigma mystification poser problem puzzlement riddle why conundrums brain-teasers closed books enigmas mysteries posers problems puzzlements riddles whies Gordian knot bewilderment cliffhanger crux cryptogram grabber knot mind-boggler mind-twister parable perplexity puzzle puzzler question question mark secret sphinx sticker stickler stumper teaser tough nut to crack twister grounds acreage areas campuses countries districts environs fields gardens habitats holdings lands lots premises properties real estates realms spheres spots terraces terrains territories tracts zones skies abstruseness brainteasers braintwisters charades chillers cliffhangers cruces cryptograms difficulties grabbers inscrutabilities inscrutablenesses mindbogglers occults oracles perplexities questions rebuses runes secrecy sphinxes sticklers stumpers subtleties teasers thrillers tough nut to cracks twisters whodunits understandings knowns brainteaser braintwister charade chiller difficulty inscrutability inscrutableness mindboggler occult oracle rebus rune subtlety thriller whodunit known understanding Why a few any a bit a little part of amazing bizarre fascinating remarkable special unusual approximately few several an amount a number a part a portion more or less certain a couple defined divers express individual many marked numerous one particular precise regular singular some specific specified sundry upwards of various common general imprecise indefinite inexact usual questionable uncertain undecided unpredictable unsure different anthologized assorted asymmetrical collected disparate dissonant divergent diverse diversified diversiform heterogeneous incongruous inconsistent indiscriminate jarring manifold multifarious multiform omnifarious omniform varicolored varied variegated varietal variform alike like same similar conventional correspondent harmonious homogeneous normal resembling standard unified uniform united fairly adequately averagely enough kind of moderately passably pretty well quite rather ratherish reasonably so-so something sort of tolerably unfairly unjustly exiguous few and far between imperceptible inconsequential inconsiderable infrequent insufficient lean less meager middling minor minority minute negligible not many not too many occasional paltry petty piddling rare scant scanty scarce scarcely any scattered scattering seldom semioccasional short skimpy slender slight slim sparse sporadic stingy straggling thin trifling uncommon unfrequent widely spaced big consequential fat important large major significant tall thick useful much slim pickings small number smatter smattering spattering sprinkling handful lot mass Some A-Some and then some Animalia animal group animal life animality brute creation fauna kingdom Animalia animal kingdom beasts cattle cows domestic flock fowl herd hogs horses livestock pigs sheep swine farm animals fact truth stock animals Anime Animators abide act breathe continue endure hold inhabit last live move obtain persist prevail remain rest stand stay subsist survive be alive go on have being have place cease depart die discontinue forsake give up halt idle leave lose pass quit refuse reject stop transpire befall occur come about come to pass take place Ares declining retiring timid bashful coy diffident modest extroverted bold aseptic barren clean lifeless purifying restrained shrinking abashed backward blushful blushing chary confused constrained demure embarrassed humble nervous overmodest recoiling reserved reticent self-conscious self-effacing shamefaced sheepish silent timorous unassertive verecund aggressive forward unabashed contraction abbreviating abbreviation abridgment compression condensation condensing confinement confining constriction curtailing curtailment cutting down decrease decreasing deflating deflation diminishing diminution drawing together dwindling elision evaporating evaporation lessening narrowing omission omitting receding recession reducing reduction shrinkage tensing tightening withdrawal withdrawing enlargement increase expansion opening amplification dilation extension lengthening spread stretch cowardly afraid anxious apprehensive base chicken-hearted cowering cowhearted craven dastardly dismayed fainthearted frightened gutless having the willies jittery lacking courage lily-livered no guts panicky pigeonhearted pusillanimous recreant running scared scared shy soft spineless weak weak-kneed worthless yellow yellow-bellied brave courageous daring dauntless unafraid undaunted unfearful coquettish evasive flirtatious kittenish prudish rabbity skittish immodest impudent distrustful doubtful dubious insecure meek mousy reluctant suspicious unassuming unassured unobtrusive unpoised unsure withdrawn confident shrink Shrink analyze clarify define demonstrate describe disclose expound illustrate interpret justify point out read resolve reveal solve spell out tell annotate construe decipher diagram elucidate excuse explicate manifest paraphrase rationalize refine render teach translate unfold unravel untangle account for break down bring out clear up get across go into detail make plain put across put in plain English set right throw light upon conceal confuse distort hide misrepresent misunderstand question wonder cloud mystify obscure stagnate tangle withhold complicate perplex explain accounting for clarifying elucidating explaining justifying resolving accounts for clarifies elucidates explains justifies resolves comment commentate footnote gloss note remark annotated commentated commented construed defined elucidated explained expounded footnoted glossed illustrated interpreted noted remarked was vague confused obscured mystified answer acknowledge answer back argue back at you back-talk be in touch claim comeback contest counterclaim defend deny disprove dispute echo feedback field the question get back at get back to give a snappy comeback parry plead rebut refute rejoin respond retaliate retort return sass say settle shoot back squelch talk back top agree ask ignore leave renounce request allow prove Explainate Explain Explainative linguist adapter cryptographer cryptologist decoder dragoman polyglot glossator translator explainer explained explain Explainate Explain Explainative Vox vox fowl game feathered creature bird bodily natural brute mammalian wild beastly bestial brutish corporeal earthly earthy feral fleshy muscular physical sensual untamed zoological gentle mild beast creature pet being critter invertebrate mutt stray varmint vertebrate living thing wild thing mineral plant athlete amateur animal challenger competitor contender contestant games player gorilla iron person jock jockey muscle person player professional shoulders sport sportsperson superjock athletes amateurs animals challengers competitors contenders contestants games players gorillas iron persons jockeys jocks muscle persons players professionals sports sportspersons superjocks beastie lower animal mammal quadruped wild animal abominable barbarous base boorish brutal carnal coarse cruel degraded depraved disgusting ferine foul gluttonous gross inhuman irrational loathsome low monstrous obscene piggish prurient repulsive sadistic swinish unclean vile good inoffensive kind nice superior body conscious thing entity human human being individual mortal organism person personage soul thing abstract concept inanimate deadness actual corporal fleshly material normal organic somatic substantial tangible unspiritual mental soulful spiritual Anime Animators environs ecological community biome biosphere desert ecosphere ecosystem environment grassland habitat tropical rain forest tundra complex association compound conglomerate entanglement group network organization scheme structure syndrome synthesis system totality division separation complexes associations compounds conglomerates ecosystems entanglements groups networks organizations schemes structures syndromes syntheses systems totalities divisions separations Gaia atmosphere environments ambiance auras backdrops backgrounds circumstances climates conditions contexts domains elements encompassments entourages habitats hoods jungles locales media milieus neck of the woods neighborhoods purlieuses sceneries scenes settings situations statuses stomping grounds surroundings terrains territories turfs zoos Happy Ecosystem Ecosystem Applications digital ecosystem Being your own ecosystem Entrepreneurial Ecosystem body existence growth living man person soul survival woman animal animateness animation breath consciousness continuance creature endurance entity essence flesh human individual metabolism mortal organism personage presence subsistence substantiality symbiosis viability vitality flesh and blood human being living being living thing mortal being vital spark abstract concept inanimate death life wildlife lives attainments behaviors circumstances conduct developments enjoyments enlightenment growths hand one is dealts happiness human conditions journeys knowledges lifestyles participations personalities realizations sufferings trials and tribulations vicissitudes way of lifes worlds inanimacies unhappiness miseries deaths woes sorrows ignorance decreases Wildlife wildlifer the wildlife Urban wildlife wildlife documentaries Native Wildlife Animalia animal group animal life animality animals brute creation kingdom Animalia animal kingdom fauna flora and fauna Ceres Fauna fauna fan Flattened Fauna less lesser lower minor petite shorter inferior back seat bottom bottom-rung entry-level junior menial minus peon second second-banana second-fiddle second-string secondary smaller subjacent subordinate subsidiary under underneath superior chief important best better extraordinary first-class first-rate foremost bush-league curtailed decreased diminished lessened low lower-rung nether pared down reduced second-class elevated increased major higher accessory below the mark casual dependent dinky inconsequential inconsiderable light negligible paltry petty piddling slight small-fry small-time tacky trifling trivial two-bit unimportant younger consequential significant useful worthwhile strong greater minor-league small subaltern deficient negative short of subtracting plus most inferior necessary smallerize Smallerize smaller person smaller is baller Smaller Than Three Brian age date day era future generation hour life moment month occasion pace past point present season second space stage term turn while year allotment bit bout chronology clock continuance duration epoch eternity extent infinity instance instant interval juncture lastingness lifetime shift span spell stint stretch tempo tide tour life span many a moon ending time week in a week Weeks weeking University of Michigan academy educational institution college institution school academic book-learned bookish collegiate erudite intellectual learned pedantic scholarly scholastic studious university ignorant ordinary plain practical simple untaught alma mater old school place of graduation place of matriculation association brainery halls of ivy halls of knowledge institute lyceum organization seminary faculty academics advisers body clinic corps department employees instructors lecturers literati mentors pedagogues personnel professorate professors profs researchers scholars society staff tutors workers inability incompetence ineptness lack need students higher education graduate school tertiary school asylum business company conservatory establishment fixture foundation guild hospital orphanage seminar system think tank Michigan decree guideline law order precedent regulation ruling statute test aphorism apothegm assize axiom basis canon command commandment criterion decorum dictum direction edict etiquette formula fundamental gnome guide keynote keystone maxim model moral ordinance precept prescription propriety regimen tenet truism brocard chapter and verse decretion no-no's the book the numbers disorganization lawlessness bad manners administration authority control domination government power regime reign sovereignty ascendancy dominion empire influence jurisdiction supremacy sway regnancy submission surrender weakness yielding inferiority subordination custom policy practice procedure course habit normalcy normality routine order of things conduct dominate lead overrule prevail run take over administer bridle curb dictate direct domineer predominate preponderate preside regulate restrain be in authority be in driver's seat be in power crack the whip hold sway hold the reins keep under one's thumb lay down the law rule the roost run the show sit on top of follow lose obey misguide mislead mismanage neglect release serve submit plead conclude determine establish find hold resolve adjudge adjudicate deduce figure fix gather infer postulate prescribe pronounce settle theorize lay down pass upon begin miss start unsettle waver ignore misunderstand arbitrate award consider decide rate referee rule defer hesitate leave administering agency application charge conducting directing dispensation disposition distribution enforcement execution governing guidance handling legislation organization overseeing oversight performance provision running strategy superintendence supervision surveillance disregard failure ignorance inefficiency mismanagement adage proverb saw saying aphorisms adages apothegms axioms dicta maxims morals precepts proverbs rules saws sayings truisms ascendance mastery predominance preeminence preponderance preponderancy superiority upper hand subservience ascendancies advantage ascendency dominance edge jump leg up mastery power pre-eminence prepotence prevalence whip hand powerlessness disadvantage Rules rules is rules Rule biodiversity Biodiversity crisis Biodiversity war humidity temperature altitude aridity clime conditions latitude atmospheric conditions characteristic weather meteorologic conditions meteorological character atmosphere environment feeling mood surroundings trend ambience disposition medium milieu temper tendency ambient mise en scène ambiance climate environs setting air aura background character color feel flavor impression local color place property quality scene semblance sense space spirit taste tone backdrop circumstances context domain element encompassment entourage habitat hood jungle locale neck of the woods neighborhood purlieus scenery situation status stomping ground terrain territory turf zoo environments auras backdrops backgrounds climates contexts domains elements encompassments entourages habitats hoods jungles locales media milieus neighborhoods purlieuses sceneries scenes settings situations statuses stomping grounds terrains territories turfs zoos localities areas locations places vicinities Climatized Climate Climatic climate sceptic adjustment advance development difference diversity innovation modification reversal revision revolution shift switch transformation transition variation about-face addition break compression contraction conversion correction distortion diversification metamorphosis modulation mutation novelty permutation reconstruction refinement remodeling surrogate tempering transmutation turn turnover variance variety vicissitude agreement sameness similarity stagnation uniformity bill dollar turnaround exchange flip-flop interchange swap trade coins copper dimes nickels pennies quarters silver chicken feed pin money pocket money spending money adjust alter diminish evolve fluctuate modify reduce reform resolve shape transform vary accommodate adapt alternate commute convert diverge diversify merge metamorphose moderate modulate mutate naturalize recondition redo regenerate remake remodel renovate reorganize replace revolutionize substitute temper transfigure translate transmute transpose vacillate veer warp make innovations make over restyle tamper with expand extend grow increase leave alone preserve remain stagnate stay destroy disarrange keep ruin continue hold persist remove reverse barter displace invert supplant transmit switch around 180 degree turn U-turn change change in direction changeabout double doubleback overturning policy change repeal retraction turnabout volte-face acclimate accustom come around comply conform familiarize fashion fit get act together get used to grow used to habituate harmonize make match play the game prepare qualify readjust reconcile revise roll with punches shape up square suit tailor neglect refuse reject disagree dislocate disorder disturb unfit affect act on impinge impress induce influence inspire interest involve move overcome perturb prevail regard relate stir sway touch upset order calm discourage dissuade surrender affects acts adopts aspire to assumes bluffs contrives counterfeits does a bit fakes feigns lies it on thick makes out like playacts puts on puts up a front shams simulates takes on stops tells truth caponize castrate desexualize emasculate fix geld mutilate neuter spay unsex breed act reciprocally blow hot and cold come and go fill in for follow follow in turn intersperse oscillate relieve rotate seesaw shilly-shally waver yo-yo comprehensive international overall universal all-around all-inclusive all-out blanket catholic cosmic cosmopolitan earthly ecumenical encyclopedic exhaustive general grand mundane pandemic planetary spherical sweeping thorough total unbounded unlimited world local particular specific individual limited across-the-board all all-embracing all-encompassing broad broad in content complete encompassing everything extensive global including all categories including all members panoptic wide widespread all-round broad-spectrum expansive extended far-reaching inclusive wide-ranging wide-reaching far-ranging large broad-minded charitable diffuse eclectic generic indeterminate large-scale liberal open-minded receptive tolerant unbigoted unprejudiced unsectarian whole world-wide exclusive narrow partial narrow-minded absolute across the board compendious comprising containing discursive encircling full in depth infinite lock stock and barrel of great scope synoptic the big picture the whole shebang the works umbrella wall-to-wall empty incomplete needy restricted short unfinished circumscribed definite imperfect selective cosmogonal cosmogonic empyrean grandiose huge immense measureless vast worldwide little miniature minute small teeny tiny bounded GLOBAL globalization globalized Globalism encouraging reassuring refreshing soothing abating allaying alleviating assuaging consoling curing freeing inspiriting invigorating lightening mitigating relieving remedying restoring revitalizing revivifying softening solacing succoring sustaining tranquilizing upholding analeptic consolatory health-giving heart-warming aggravating depressing dispiriting distressing disturbing irritating upsetting worrying comforting calming easing mollifying relaxing palliative cooking melting baking boiling broiling grilling roasting scalding steaming cooling freezing refrigeration heating warming warm Warm warms farmland garden grassland green ground meadow pasture range terrain territory acreage enclosure glebe lea mead moorland patch plot tillage tract vineyard cropland ranchland sky competition applicants candidates competitors contestants entrants entries nominees participants possibilities runners area department environment job line province region work avocation bailiwick bounds calling champaign circle compass confines demesne discipline domain dominion jurisdiction limits margin occupation orbit precinct purview racket reach scope speciality specialty sweep thing vocation walk weakness cup of tea long suit métier entertainment fun hobby pastime course court golf course park stadium track turf amphitheater battlefield circuit diamond fairground gridiron grounds lot playground racecourse rink theater landing strip playing area race track deflect handle pick up retrieve cover hold occupy patrol play return stop deal with turn aside abandon ignore belt block city county division field kingdom locality neck of the woods neighborhood parcel principality quarter section sector sphere square state stretch township vicinity ward zone whole areas breadths compasses distances expanses fields operations ranges sizes spaces spheres stretches widths arena battleground realm scene theatre ball park ball field baseball field baseball stadium base camp center depot dock garrison hangar harbor home port post settlement site starting point station strip terminal annex branch top Armageddon combat zone front front line salient theater of operations theater of war -field The field In the field the field Fielding Field Musem follis musem curtail decrease diminish downplay lessen play down reduce trivialize underestimate abbreviate attenuate belittle cheapen decry deprecate depreciate derogate detract discount disparage dwarf knock pan pooh-pooh prune shrink underplay cut down to size knock down make light of make little of poor-mouth put down run down develop enlarge expand extend grow increase lengthen prolong raise strengthen approve build up commend compliment exalt laud praise maximize overestimate overrate minimize miniaturize minimized abbreviated attenuated belittled cheapened curtailed cut rate decreased decried deprecated depreciated derogated detracted diminished discounted disparaged downplayed dwarfed knocked knocked down lessened made light of made little of miniaturized panned played down pooh-poohed poor-mouthed pruned ran down reduced shrank underestimated underplayed overestimated maximized commended approved developed expanded strengthened raised extended overrated exalted praised lauded complimented built up prolonged lengthened grew increased enlarged miniature Miniature miniature pinscher Miniature Tanks Miniature Tigers miniature whales Miniature poodle appropriating assimilating capturing catching clutching earning gaining grasping mastering obtaining pursuing securing seizing snatching taking winning abandoning giving up losing refusal rejecting accepting altering becoming growing succumbing submitting to acknowledgment acquiescence acquiring admission agreement approval assent compliance consent cooperation getting go ahead green light nod okay permission receipt receiving reception recognition taking on undertaking yes denial veto disagreement disapproval dissension dissent opposition rejection acceptance disbelief attainment acquirement acquisition arrival completion feat finish fulfillment procurement reaching realization reaping succeeding failure forfeit loss miss surrender buying ordering procuring shopping transaction selling realizing clearing inheriting making netting taking in accession admitting intaking recipience repudiation GET GET Get it Get it Get getted Get-that-in getting in Get by aligning averaging calculating calibrating checking gauging grading leveling mapping rhyming scaling surveying comparison allegory analogy analyzing association balancing bringing together collating collation comparability connection contrast correlation discrimination distinguishing dividing estimation example exemplification identification illustration juxtaposition likeness likening measuring metaphor observation opposition paralleling ratio relating relation resemblance segregation separation similarity testing weighing difference disconnection dissimilarity unlikeness comparisons allegories analogies analogizings analyzings associations balancings bringing togethers collatings collations connections contrasts correlations discriminations distinguishings dividings estimations examples exemplifications identifications illustrations juxtapositions likenesses likenings measurings metaphors observations oppositions parallelings ratios relatings relations resemblances segregations separations similarities testings weighings disconnections differences unlikenesses dissimilarities examination examining experimentation experimenting measurement proof proving questioning test trial trying out verification consideration deciding deliberation evaluating judging reflection thinking over Measurement measurable Measure Twisted Measure last measure Subversive Measures amount breadth capacity content diameter extent height intensity length magnitude proportion range scope stature volume width amplitude area bigness body caliber capaciousness dimensions enormity extension greatness highness immensity largeness mass measurement proportions spread stretch substance substantiality tonnage vastness voluminosity admeasurement hugeness size appraise adjudge apprize assay assess audit calculate check check out deem evaluate examine eye figure figure in figure out gauge guesstimate have one's number inspect look over peg price rate read review set at survey take account of valuate value ignore neglect appraises adjudges assays assesses audits calculates checks checks out deems evaluates examines eyes figures figures out gauges guesstimates has one's number inspects looks over pegs prices rates reads reviews sets at sizes surveys takes account of valuates values neglects ignores appraising adjudging assaying assessing auditing calculating checking checking out deeming evaluating examining eyeing figuring figuring out gauging guesstimating having one's number inspecting looking over pegging pricing rating reading reviewing setting at sizing surveying taking account of valuating valuing neglecting ignoring compass distance expanse field operation space sphere areas breadths compasses distances expanses fields operations ranges spaces spheres stretches widths Size of size
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