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Wilder Kaiser: auf die Ellmauer Halt übern Kopftörlgrat

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barbarian desert free lush native natural overrun primitive savage waste agrarian barbaric barbarous dense deserted desolate escaped feral ferocious fierce indigenous luxuriant neglected overgrown rampant rude unbroken uncivilized uncultivated undomesticated uninhabited untouched vicious civilized cultured kind nice refined sophisticated behaved calm controllable controlled delicate gentle manageable mild moderate orderly tame crazy irrational nuts rash madcap eager rough raving berserk profligate avid boisterous chaotic crazed enthusiastic extravagant flighty foolhardy foolish giddy hysterical impetuous impracticable imprudent incautious lawless licentious mad noisy outrageous preposterous rabid reckless riotous turbulent unbridled uncontrolled undisciplined unfettered ungovernable unmanageable unrestrained unruly uproarious violent wayward self-willed reasonable careful sensible sane blustery choppy disturbed furious inclement raging tempestuous howling blustering storming Wilder Wilderness wilder kaiser Kaisered Kaiser kaisered auf Auf AUFS auf ex auf wiedersehen stein auf drown expire perish succumb conk croak decease demise depart drop finish suffocate be no more be taken breathe one's last cease to exist drop off give up the ghost go way of all flesh kick the bucket relinquish life rest in peace bear continue be born begin develop flourish grow improve live end pass stop fall fail vanish disappear deteriorate bate ebb wane crumble degenerate rot weaken decline droop decay subside molder rankle fade moderate halt sink abate diminish slacken wilt lapse recede retrograde let up peter out run down run out dilapidate break down ease off fade away fade out fizzle out go bad go downhill lose power melt away run low wear away extend forward forge strengthen build rise arrive appear win reach advance start prolong enlarge enhance increase commence bite the dust buy the farm cash in one's chips cease living die kick off meet one's maker pass on push up daisies bought the farm bit the dust bought it bought the ranch ceased lived croaked died expired farmed kicked the bucket met one's maker passed on succumbed buy it buy the ranch farm cease back off break off bring to an end call it a day call it quits close close out come to an end culminate cut it out desist discontinue give over intermit knock off leave off pack in quit quit cold turkey refrain shut down stay surcease terminate wind up keep on initiate open carry on create restart persevere complete ceased broke off brought to an end called it a day called it quit came to an end closed closed out culminated desisted discontinued dropped ended failed finished gave over halted intermited knocked off left off packed in refrained stayed surceased terminated wound up kept on initiated went opened bore started began carried on did continued created commenced restarted persevered completed choke asphyxiate bar check clog congest constrict dam fill gag garrote gasp gibbet kill noose obstruct occlude overpower retard squeeze stifle stopper strangle strangulate stuff stunt suppress throttle wring expand encourage allow help loose let go free unblock loosen permit liberate release assist aid ellmauer cutoff freeze interruption layoff letup pause standstill termination arrest break close impasse stand stop break-off grinding halt screaming halt screeching halt continuation beginning start endurance bar suspend end terminate stem adjourn stall cease interrupt curb impede deter hamper block break off obstruct punctuate balk rest frustrate desist stay check wait cut short draw up hold back pull up intermit blow the whistle on bring to an end bring to standstill call it a day cease fire close down come to an end cool it drop anchor hold at bay put a cork in stand still push forward forge carry on promote support keep on help advance initiate let go encourage begin continue allow open carry out restart assist urge stimulate further aid commence permit vacillate limp stammer hobble stagger waver falter stumble dither shilly-shally be defective whiffle wiggle-waggle remain persist abort call it quits call off cut off drop fail halt knock it off lay off nullify scrap scratch scrub keep can delay hinder hold inhibit knock off prevent restrain restrict retard shut down suppress free activate liberate expedite release avert avoid deflect divert fend off foil forestall look away preclude rule out shove aside shunt stave off turn turn aside turn away ward off averted avoided deflected deterred diverted fended off foiled forestalled frustrated halted looked away precluded prevented ruled out shoved aside shunted staved off turned turned aside turned away warded off supported helped allowed assisted aided ban banish blackball close up curse declare illegal disallow enjoin exclude ice out illegalize interdict outlaw pass by pass up prohibit proscribe shut out admit welcome include banning banishing barring blackballing closing down closing up cursing declaring illegal disallowing enjoining excluding halting illegalizing inhibiting interdicting outlawing passing by passing up preventing prohibiting proscribing restricting shutting out suppressing admitting let going pushing allowing welcoming including releasing permitting HALT Halt! Hammerzeit! Halt Vault halt mein Assault Halt
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