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Wind knocks out electricity

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Strong winds knocked down a pole at a Lake Worth housing complex


Lake Worth Wind knocks out electricity power electricity air blast breeze cyclone gale gust blow breath chinook draft draught flurry flutter mistral puff tempest typhoon wafting whiff whirlwind whisk zephyr calm heavens ozone sky stratosphere troposphere ventilation waft wind angle away angle off arch bow buckle camber careen circle contort crimp crinkle crook crouch curl deflect deform detour double droop flex genuflect hook incline incurvate lean loop pervert round spiral stoop swerve tilt turn twist veer verge warp waver wilt yaw zigzag ambit area circling circulation circumference circumnavigation circumscription circumvolution compass course cycle district gyration gyre journey lap limit line orbit perambulation perimeter periphery range region route tour tract turning twirl way wheel whirl winding zone cue dead giveaway hot lead indication inkling intimation key lead mark notion pointer print proof sign solution suggestion suspicion telltale tip tip-off trace track convolute convolve corkscrew fold intertwine intervolve make serpentine rotate scroll sinuate snake spire twine wrap around wreathe writhe notice hint babble whisper tidings clue rumor gossip talk hot air idle talk slither ramble curve wrap meander weave screw envelop encircle deviate cover distort furl wriggle enclose coil entwine reel roll let go free untwist unloose unwrap uncover release straighten bend rise beautify circuit center middle interior inside question clues WIND Hindsight is 2020 W-inds w-inds beating blow box clip conk cuff hit injury lick rap slap smack swat swipe thump whack compliment praise backbite bad-mouth bash belittle berate blow off calumniate cap castigate cuss out cut down cut to the quick decry defame derogate discount do a number on dump on give a black eye hurl brickbat insult knock minimize nag offend oppress persecute pick on put down rag on reproach revile ride rip up run down scold signify slam sling mud smear sound swear at tear apart trash upbraid vilify vituperate zing accusation censure criticism faultfinding flak observation perception slur angle appeal apply beg beseech bite bum call for charge claim command contend for crave demand entreat file for hustle implore impose levy mooch order petition plead pray promote request requisition seek solicit sue supplicate touch urge condemnation rejection reversal stricture blame failure setback defeat rebuff pan sanction approval exoneration win success attainment achievement ratification beat tap punch hurt fell batter flatten damage pound deck bruise clout manhandle total floor wound maltreat mistreat buffet abuse wallop thwack level drub thrash bob roughhouse maul clap beat up treat well raise help lose protect assist aid cavil reprobate deprecate reprehend carp skin denounce lambaste disparage condemn alive denunciate find fault endorse commend approve exonerate laud build up esteem care for defend flatter treasure honor adulate acclaim revere prize benefit respect preserve cherish exalt abused abusing animadversion ask tell give answer ignore repudiate insist disapprove reply disclaim deny asked Hindsight is 2020 Knock away outside absent antiquated cold dated dead ended exhausted expired extinguished finished impossible outmoded at an end behind the times demode not allowed not on old-fashioned old-hat passé ruled out unacceptable unfashionable used up animated existing incomplete interested modern new saved stored unfinished warm here possible altercation beef bickering blowup bone bone of contention bone to pick brannigan brawl brush clash controversy crusher debate difference of opinion disagreement dispute donnybrook dustup exchange face-off falling feud finisher flap fuss gin hassle knock down and drag out knockdown out quarrel rhubarb romp row ruckus ruction rumpus run-in scene scrap set-to shindy spat squabble static stew tiff words wrangle abreast afar alone alongside apart beside by oneself down in isolation in reserve near nearby neck and neck out of the way privately separately sidewise comatose crashed dormant dozing dreaming flaked out getting shut-eye in dreamland in repose inactive inert napping on the kip out cold out like a light out of it reposing resting sacked out sleeping slumbering snoring somnolent taking forty winks depart hightail leave off scat scoot scram shoo skiddoo vamoose busted coming unstuck defective disabled fallen apart faulty feeble gone gone to pieces gone to pot haywire imperfect in disrepair in need of repair in the shop inoperable kaput not functioning on the blink on the fritz on the shelf out of commission out of kilter out of order out of whack ruined run-down screwed up shot spent unsatisfactory weak wracked wrecked outward without out of doors indoors inside argument harmony peace agreement calm arguments aside middle asleep conscious attentive awake begone broken kept uplifted happy whole unbroken fixed complete perfect flowing working satisfied continuous connected repaired Hindsight is 2020 Out outs heat service current electron galvanism ignition juice light spark tension utilities voltage electromagneticism hot stuff magneticism application burn conductivity dynamism electricity force friction gravity horsepower kilowatts magnetism potential pressure radioactivity rays reaction response steam strength wattage breeze continuance continuation continuity course deluge discharge draft draw dribble drift ebb effusion emanation flood flux gush leakage movement oozing outflow outpouring plenty plethora progress progression river run sequence series spate spout spurt stream succession tide train wind ammunition combustible encouragement food gas incitement material means nourishment propellant provocation energies peace question tiredness lethargy laziness inactivity idleness lack energy flow trickle stop finish end want need few stoppage scarcity little flows fuel fuels Hindsight is 2020 Electricity Electricities take with lay with leave with lie with lukewarm walk with legwork link with make with line with live with like wow jar with lake lied with lies with let go with Lake Worth Hindsight is 2020 lake worth basin lagoon pond pool reservoir creek loch mere millpond mouth sluice spring tarn inland sea lakelet bath lake mud puddle natatorium puddle splash swimming pool tank backlog cistern container fund holder nest egg receptacle reserve source stock stockpile storage store supply abundance blue bounding main brine briny briny deep deep drink expanse main multitude number ocean plethora profusion sheet surf swell waves want lack zilch nothingness sea land 'La 'ke Hindsight is 2020 Lake lakes account aid benefit cost credit price quality rate valuation assistance avail caliber class consequence desirability dignity equivalence excellence goodness help importance mark meaningfulness merit moment note perfection significance stature use usefulness utility virtue weight worthiness hindrance evil hurt imperfection injury insignificance stop triviality unimportance uselessness worthlessness belongings capital equity estate goods money resources riches valuables wealth worth asset attraction blessing boon excellent feature good thing value benediction betterment cream extras favor gain godsend good gravy interest perk profit prosperity welfare ability appetency capability competence constitution distinction endowment essence faculty force gifts habilitation nature parts power scope strength talent assets liabilities debt beauties ugliness offensiveness homeliness dog disadvantage beauty handicap bad fortune misfortune harm bad luck disapproval obstruction blockage loss benefits ineptness impotence lack lowliness incompetence inadequacy weakness inability Worth Hindsight is 2020 capability capacity function influence potential skill talent aptitude bent competency dynamism effectiveness efficacy endowment faculty gift potentiality qualification turn virtue impotence inability incapacity incompetence lack weakness failure inaptitude loss uselessness debility disability impairment inefficiency infirmity subservience surrender yielding activity agility alacrity alertness animation bag ballgame big idea bit business bustle commotion dash deal energy enterprise flurry force functioning game going happening haste hoopla hopper in the works industry life liveliness motion movement occupation operation plan power process proposition racket reaction response rush scene spirit stir stunt trip turmoil vigor vim vitality vivacity administering agency application authority charge command conduct conducting control directing direction dispensation disposition distribution enforcement execution governing government guidance handling jurisdiction legislation order organization overseeing oversight performance policy provision regulation rule running strategy superintendence supervision surveillance aid ascendancy asset assistance avail blessing boon break choice comfort convenience dominance edge eminence expediency favor gain good gratification help hold improvement interest lead leeway leg-up leverage luck mastery odds position pre-eminence precedence preference prestige prevalence profit protection recognition resources return sanction starting superiority support supremacy upper hand utility wealth cause channel factor means medium organ vehicle strength weight intensity puissance potency omnipotence brawn sinew forcefulness muscle might arm voltage horsepower applied force mechanical energy powerlessness laziness inactivity lethargy right clout leadership privilege management sovereignty law birthright predominance say-so paramountcy wire prerogative sway hegemony steam regency domination authorization moxie diadem license connection dominion warrant inside track imperium strings subordination inferiority disadvantage action rest unemployment peace harmony slowness dullness question stoppage inertia cessation indolence stiffness stillness repose quiet calmness calm apathy inaction idleness administration neglect mismanagement disregard ignorance lawlessness disorganization advantage handicap bad fortune stop waste block restriction obstacle drawback misfortune bad luck obstruction hindrance blockage disfavor injury hurt harm disapproval advantages agent end agents Hindsight is 2020 powers
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