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Witch Vomit - From rotten guts

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magician conjurer enchanter necromancer occultist sorcerer biddy battle-ax beldam crone fishwife fussbudget fusspot hag old biddy witch bitch broad floozy harlot hellion hussy shrew slut tart termagant tramp vamp vixen wench whore saint bitches broads floozies harlots hellions hussies shrews sluts tarts termagants tramps vamps vixens wenches whores witches saints charmer bewitcher wizard conjuror mage seer shaman sorceress warlock eject gag heave regurgitate emit expel hurl puke retch ruminate spew upchuck be seasick be sick bring up dry heave spit up throw up belch discharge disgorge eruct eructate erupt give off gush hiccup irrupt repeat ventilate vomit cascade descend flood overflow pitch plunge pour spill surge tumble cough bark choke clear throat convulse expectorate hack hawk hem whoop coughing barking choking convulsing expectorating hacking hawking hemming spitting up vomiting whooping break out disembogue dispense ejaculate empty excrete exude leak ooze release send forth void assign dam delegate detain employ engage hire hold imprison keep load owe banish bounce bump cast out debar disbar dislodge dismiss displace dispossess ditch do away with drive off dump eighty-six eliminate eradicate evict exclude expulse extrude fire force out get rid of give the boot heave out kick out kiss goodbye oust reject rout sack send packing show the gate to spit out spout squeeze out throw overboard turn out unloose accept admit allow include maintain permit save take in welcome against in distinction to out of possession of taken away beginning at coming out of deriving out of originating at starting with minus defective diminished from lacking less negative subtracted without plus native aboriginal autochthonous belonging endemic homegrown homemade indigenous local national original primary primeval primitive regional foreign alien outside about concerning like regarding since after afterward ago already because considering for hence later now past subsequently therefore whereas corrupt disgusting moldy noxious overripe putrid rancid rotting sour spoiled stale bad bad-smelling corroded crumbled crumbling decomposed decomposing disintegrated disintegrating fecal feculent festering fetid foul gross infected loathsome loud mephitic noisome offensive perished polluted purulent pustular putrescent putrified rank smelling stinking strong tainted touched unsound fresh good helpful perfumed pleasant pure sweet wholesome decent honest kind moral new nice superior trustworthy uncorrupt undecayed crooked bent bribable contaminated debauched deceitful defiled degenerate depraved dirtied dishonorable disloyal faithless filthy flagitious impure mercenary nefarious perfidious perverse soiled sullied treacherous unclean untrustworthy venal vicious villainous vitiated amiss crummy dirty diseased lousy nasty unlucky unpleasant base below par bruised bum contemptible defective deplorable disagreeable disappointing displeasing dissatisfactory impaired inadequate injured low-grade mean poor punk regrettable rough scurrilous shaky sorry substandard unacceptable unfortunate unhappy unsatisfactory vile wasted wicked withering wrong agreeable clean friendly great happy magnificent pleasing wonderful abominable abhorrent atrocious awful beastly cursed despicable grim grody hairy hateful heinous hellish horrible horrid nauseating obnoxious odious repellent reprehensible repugnant repulsive revolting rotten sleazy terrible wretched attractive delightful desirous honorable likeable respectable worthy alluring appealing desirable enjoyable lovable appalling detestable dreadful execrable godawful horrifying icky obscene sickening inoffensive off all right appetizing unspoiled badder true just upright right profitable benevolent beneficial advantageous virtuous reputable cheap bogus catchpenny cheesy common commonplace crappy cruddy dud flashy garbage garish glitzy junky mangy mediocre meretricious no bargain no good ordinary paltry ratty raunchy rinky-dink rubbishy scroungy second-rate shoddy small-time tatty tawdry trashy trumpery two-bit valueless white elephant worthless excellent noble precious priceless sophisticated valuable audacity grit moxie spunk willpower backbone courage daring dauntlessness effrontery forcefulness fortitude hardihood heart mettle pluck resolution sand spine spirit intestinal fortitude cowardice timidity fear weakness abdomen bay window belly bowels breadbasket corporation gut guts intestines middle midriff midsection paunch pot potbelly spare tire tummy venter viscera assurance audaciousness brass cheek chutzpah cockiness crust defiance disrespectfulness forwardness gall gutsiness hardiness impertinence impudence insolence nerve rudeness shamelessness stuff temerity caution humility manners modesty politeness respect shyness care carefulness gentility meekness reserve yielding authority ascendancy authorization beef charge clout command credit domination dominion edge esteem force goods government influence juice jump jurisdiction leg up license mastery might might and main permission permit pizazz pow powerhouse prerogative prestige punch right ropes rule say say-so steam strength strong arm supremacy sway upper hand warrant weight what it takes whip hand word breach break disadvantage inferiority lack lethargy powerlessness prohibition subordination determination firmness moral fiber resolve stamina steadfastness tenacity toughness will indecision irresolution spinelessness bite burn kick piquancy spice sting zip blandness dullness bellies cores deeps depths entrails holds innards interiors penetralias recesses vitals exteriors exteriorities outsides
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