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Working on Forward Folds - Beginner's Yoga | Alignment and Tips

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be ginners begones begins begins again begins over baking soda bigness bagginess beginners bygones going easy on alive busy employed engaged functioning running dynamic going laboring live moving operative effective hot in a job in force in full swing in gear in process on fire on the job on track practical useful viable idle inactive unemployed unengaged apathetic unexciting inoperative passive unoccupied astir at work bustling efficacious exertive flowing hasty impelling in play mobile movable operating progressive pushing rapid restless rolling rushing rustling shifting simmering speeding speedy streaming swarming traveling turning walking working animate around awake breathing cognizant conscious existing extant growing knowing living mortal subsisting vital zoetic happening in motion in progress initiated operational proceeding under way active already taken assiduous at it buried diligent engrossed having a full plate having fish to fry hustling in a meeting in conference in the field in the laboratory industrious occupied on assignment on duty on the go overloaded persevering slaving snowed swamped tied up unavailable with a customer quiet fixed quiescent indifferent disinterested sluggish lazy inert immobile dormant abeyant unmovable dull lifeless dead unconscious spiritless morose dispirited inanimate deceased begun prospective latent busier busiest Smize ahead leading onward forth progressing progressive forward-looking in advance precocious premature propulsive well-developed back backward last later meek past reserved reversing shy timid advance drive dust expedite fire up forward further gun hammer on hasten hurry impel lay a patch lay rubber make tracks nail it open up peel rubber precipitate put on afterburners put pedal to metal quicken railroad rev rev up roll speed up spur step on gas step up stimulate tool consign dispatch inscribe label mark postmark remit route send ship superscribe transmit anterior head fore front foremost facial ventral ending bantam wise presuming familiar pushing brazen assuming smart bold aggressive audacious cheeky confident fresh impudent nervy overweening pert presumptuous pushy rude sassy saucy self-assertive uppity smart-alecky bare-faced coming on strong overassertive unintelligent stupid ignorant along out ante before beforehand previous alee antecedently into prominence into view precedently to the fore vanward promote uphold help support assist serve favor encourage foster cultivate speed champion maintain keep hold discourage oppose neglect hurt check rest stop halt impede cease slow delay ignore dissuade thwart refuse obstruct hinder block procrastinate decrease express deliver address freight post transport retain accelerate slow down defer retard postpone decelerate wait repress accelerates accelerating pass overlook receive slight shun disregard cut avoid addressed addresses Smize Forward pleat bend circumvolution cockle convolution corrugation crease crimp crinkle flection flexure furrow gather gathering groove knife-edge lap lapel layer loop overlap plait plica plication ply pucker ridge ruck ruffle rumple shirring smocking tuck turn wrinkle plicature rimple rivel ruche line smoothness accept acquiesce admit allow assent be game for cave in comply concede concur cooperate cry uncle endorse enter into fold give the go-ahead give the green light go along with grant let okay permit play ball roll over and play dead subscribe throw in the towel yield adhere attach bandage border chain cinch clamp connect constrict cover dress edge encase enchain enfetter fetter finish fix furl glue hamper handcuff hem hitch hitch on hobble hook on hook up lace lash leash manacle moor muzzle paste peg down pin pin down pinion put together restrain restrict rope shackle stick strap swathe tack on tether tie tie up trammel trim truss unite wrap yoke bulge collapse crumple distort twist burst fracture rupture curl knit purse intertwine overlay replicate crisp double plicate telescope corrugate dog-ear double over turn under succeed loose let out free unbend leave smooth separate divide open achieve loosen flatten straighten involve entwine envelop enfold do up wrap up let go crash give pauper break bust impoverish pauperize go under shut down be ruined become insolvent go bankrupt go bust go into Chapter 11 mend withhold accede keep hold decline repel oppose disagree denounce demur condemn resist forbid prevent obstruct impede hinder repudiate dispute dissent disallow protest disapprove veto reject refuse deny bind set free help untie unlace lose unfasten remove forget lay bare unbind detach assist aid liberate unhitch disjoin release center unlock disconnect unwrap uncover buckle buckling exonerate busted Fold Smize be ginners beginner begones be ginner begins beginners yogi yogis togae tog bog cog dog fog toga hog jog log sog yea yon yegg yoke yolk bogy doge dogy fogy gaga gogo loca loge logo mega nogo saga yore yowl yoyo go go no go yo yo yoga Smize Yoga adjustment arrangement calibration order positioning sequence sighting alignment array classification combination composition design display disposition distribution form grouping lineup method ordering organization pattern pecking order ranging rank setup structure system categorization deployment disposal formation layout placement rangi assembly chemistry configuration conformation constitution construction coordination format forming formulation framework harmony institution make-up making management methodology organism organizing plan planning regulation running situation standard standardization structuring symmetry unity whole alluring arm-twist blandishment brainwashing cajolery cogency con conversion enticement exhortation force goose hard sell hook inducement inveiglement persuasiveness potency power promote pull seduction sell snow job soft soap squeeze sweet talk wheedling winning over working over disorder disorganization disarrangement imbalance disproportion organizations persuasion dissuasion discouragement impotence disbelief atheism prevention hindrance incompetence weakness ineffectiveness disability Alignment Smize along with also as a consequence as well as furthermore including moreover together with and plus additionally again along as well besides conjointly further in conjunction with in like manner likewise more more than that on top of over and above still to boot too withal added amassed another augmented bounteous deeper else enhanced exceeding expanded extended extra farther fresh heavier higher in addition increased innumerable larger major massed new numerous other spare supplementary too many wider fewer less Smize And? AND bang bug buzz clue cue dope forecast hint information inkling inside wire knowledge news point pointer prediction prompt secret information steer suggestion warning whisper word word of advice word to the wise silence edge cusp head end extremity vertex cap crown stub apex summit peak nip tiptop base bottom nadir perk money fee gift reward lagniappe compensation handout perquisite small change something pourboire sweetener one-way penalty lean topple dump spill tilt upset bend slope capsize incline unload shift recline list slant pour upturn cant careen empty overturn heel turn over upend overset topple over fill level hold place hide conceal even straighten suggest forewarn warn caution advise tip off give a clue give a hint give the low-down keep secret Tip Smize T.I.P. T.I.P Tips
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