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Wrongful arrest complaint

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illegitimate illicit immoral improper reprehensible unethical unfair unjust unlawful blameworthy criminal dishonest dishonorable felonious lawless wicked authorized blessed ethical fair good honest just legal legitimate moral noble proper right uncorrupt unprejudiced rightful base corrupt evil illegal lawbreaking villainous wrongful actionable banned black-market bootleg contraband crooked extralegal forbidden heavy hot irregular not approved not legal outlawed outside the law prohibited prosecutable racket shady smuggled sub rosa taboo unauthorized unconstitutional under the table unlicensed unofficial unwarrantable unwarranted verboten violating wildcat allowed permissible lawful permitted warranted justifiable adulterous clandestine contrary to law dirty furtive guilty in violation of law out of line wrong pure open licit chaste truthful forthright aboveboard blue impolite indecent indecorous indelicate lewd malodorous naughty risqué rough salacious suggestive unbecoming unconventional unequitable ungodly unrighteous unrightful unseemly untoward formal correct decent fitting appropriate suitable acceptable injurious abusive adverse bad baneful corrupting damaging dangerous deadly deleterious destructive detrimental disadvantageous harmful iniquitous insulting mischievous nocent nocuous noxious opprobrious pernicious poisonous prejudicial ruinous slanderous unconducive unhealthy nice mending fixing favorable aiding healing curing constructive beneficial assisting helpful advantageous healthy no that's wrong Wrongness By Wrong Wrong capture detention imprisonment incarceration accommodation apprehension appropriation bag bust captivity collar commitment confinement constraint crimp drop fall gaff glom grab heat hook mitt nab nail nick nip pickle pinch pull restraining snare sweep booby trap pick up preventive custody protective custody pull in run in freedom release liberation refusal rise activation encouragement letting go delay suspension interruption end halt obstruction stoppage hindrance stay blockage inhibition suppression restraint cessation check prevention stalling checking staying advance promotion help start beginning assistance aid commencement continuation incarcerate seize apprehend detain jail imprison catch round up secure tag tab sidetrack snag book net brace kick get roust take in put the arm on put the cuffs on take prisoner toss in jail encourage unfasten lose let go free activate take up exonerate loosen misunderstand liberate hold hinder prevent inhibit scrub suppress retard freeze stall restrain restrict interrupt obstruct block can knock off shut down continue push promote allow expedite permit further assist grip absorb engage fascinate engross repel reject eject abort arrest break off call it quits call off cut off fail knock it off lay off nullify scrap scratch terminate keep begin accuse allege arraign attack attribute betray blame blow the whistle brand bring charges censure charge cite complain criminate denounce file claim finger frame hang something on hold accountable impeach implicate impute incriminate inculpate indict lay at door let have it libel litigate lodge complaint name pin on point finger at prosecute recriminate serve summons slander slur sue summon tax flatter support defend commend approve vindicate absolve protect compliment retreat exculpate applaud praise pardon accusing alleging apprehending arraigning arresting attacking attributing betraying blaming blowing the whistle branding bringing charges censuring charging citing complaining criminating denouncing fingering framing hanging something on holding accountable impeaching implicating imputing incriminating inculpating indicting letting having it libelling litigating lying at door naming pinning on prosecuting recriminating serving summons slandering slurring suing summoning taxing flattering supporting defending let going commending approving freeing vindicating absolving protecting complimenting retreating exculpating applauding praising pardoning exonerating belay bring to a standstill call a halt to cancel cease put a stop to quit commence bar barricade block out blockade brake choke clog close close off close out congest dam deter fill hang up hold up impede intercept interfere with occlude plug shut off shut out stonewall stop stop up stopper stymie tackle take out of play thwart forward unstop open give let up unblock facilitate blocked arrested barred barricaded blockaded blocked out braked caught charged checked choked clogged closed closed out congested dammed deterred filled halted held up hindered hung up impeded intercepted interfered with occluded plugged prevented stalled stonewalled stopped stopped up stoppered stymied tackled thwarted took out of play freed supported promoted started began advanced pushed continued forwarded unstopped opened let went helped gave encouraged allowed unblocked liberated released facilitated furthered assisted aided permitted Arrestation arrestables arrestable accusation charge criticism grievance gripe objection protest trouble annoyance beef cavil clamor dissatisfaction expostulation grouse grumble guff jeremiad kick lament moan plaint protestation rap remonstrance remonstration representation reproach rumble squawk stink wail whine fault-finding acceptance approval compliment exculpation flattery praise happiness pleasure silence applause commendation contentedness health recommendation sanction malady ailment sickness affection ill upset disease indisposition infirmity disorder condition syndrome good health allegation arraignment attribution blast bum rap censure citation complaint denunciation dido exposé impeachment imputation incrimination indictment insinuation recrimination roar slur accusations allegations arraignments attributions beeves blasts bum raps censures citations complaints denunciations didos exposés gripes imputations indictments insinuations recriminations roars rumbles slurs squawks stinks approvals exculpations flatteries compliments commendations ache bug dose flu illness ailments aches bugs conditions diseases disorders doses illnesses indispositions infirmities maladies syndromes blame animadversion attack castigation chiding depreciation diatribe disapprobation disapproval disfavor disparagement exprobation implication inculpation invective objurgation obloquy opposition rebuke reprehension reprimand reprobation reproof repudiation tirade exaltation retreat exoneration peace harmony thanks ratification endorsement acquittal freeing Complaint taint complaint portnoy's complaint Ain't no complaints complaint-feminism Complaint of Karens
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