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xPrint - using liquid-based materials (e.g., hydrogels), novel interfaces - Tangible Media Group

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[video: Tangible Media Group - MIT media lab]http://tangible.media.mit.edu/project...xPrintGuanyun Wang*, Lining Yao*, Wen Wang, Jifei Ou, Chin-Yi Cheng, Hiroshi Ishii / 2016To meet the increasing requirements of HCI researchers who are looking into using liquid-based materials (e.g., hydrogels) to create novel interfaces, we present a design strategy for HCI researchers to build and customize a liquid-based smart material printing platform with off-the-shelf or easy-to-machine parts. For the hardware, we suggest a magnetic assembly–based modular design. These modularized parts can be easily and precisely reconfigured with off-the-shelf or easy-to-machine parts that can meet different processing requirements such as mechanical mixing, chemical reaction, light activation, and solution vaporization. In addition, xPrint supports an open-source, highly customizable software design and simulation platform, which is applicable for simulating and facilitating smart material constructions.Credits:Guanyun Wang*, Lining Yao*, Wen Wang, Jifei Ou, Chin-Yi Cheng, Hiroshi Ishii* Contributed Equally


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