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iou lou i o u yon i.o.u. i. o. u. iou lou i o u yon i.o.u. i. o. u. You enby you yous cylinder duct pipe pipeline tunnel cannula chute conduit pipette straw subway TV set audio baby-sitter boob tube box eye idiot box receiver small screen station television set telly tube vid video avenue boulevard canal corridor course highway line passage pathway road route sewer thoroughfare track way blank bullet capsule case cassette approach aqueduct arroyo artery canyon carrier chamber chase dig ditch fluting furrow gouge groove gully gutter main means medium pass raceway runway slit sound strait tideway trough vein watercourse arteries cartridge channel closure veto refusal denial channels enby Tubes TUBE amuse charm cheer entertain gratify satisfy tickle wow content enchant gladden grab humor indulge kill overjoy score suit titillate fill the bill go over big hit the spot make the grade sweep off feet tickle pink turn on anger annoy bore disappoint dissuade frustrate offend tire upset disenchant displease repulse be unwilling deny depress disturb refuse worry afford aid arrange assist avail benefit bow comfort convenience defer favor furnish help oblige pamper please provide serve settle submit supply support sustain yield be acceptable be agreeable be favorable be good for be suitable befit sit well with wish like want desire opt prefer command choose demand be inclined see fit despise hate dislike accommodate bar turn out turn away confuse fight trouble oppose neglect hurt be mean stop take prevent obstruct limit impede block disarrange injure mix up thwart hinder hide conceal distress disapprove reject withhold accommodated accommodates agree with agreed with agrees with enby Please constraint embargo exclusion injunction prevention proscription restriction taboo veto bar interdict interdiction negation obstruction refusal repudiation temperance disallowance no-no off limits out of bounds allowance permission aid approval help clearance prohibition boycott censorship stoppage limitation suppression a thou-shalt-not sanction ban stricture anathema superstition inhibition forbiddance restraint disapproval regulation reservation law religious convention social convention thou-shalt-not release freedom lawlessness assistance ratification Don't enby dont accomplish administer apply carry out implement impose invoke prosecute reinforce require sanction administrate coerce commandeer compel constrain demand dictate discharge dragoon drive effect emphasize exact execute exert expect extort fortify fulfill goad hound impel incite lash make necessitate oblige perform press spur strain stress strong-arm support urge whip wrest crack down egg on force upon insist on lean on put into effect put screws to cease halt refuse stop check delay deter disapprove discourage dissuade fail forget give ignore leave alone let go lose miss neglect prevent release repress abandon disregard drop forego give up overlook achieve begin carry on consummate cook create develop do a number enforce function get in there go about go for broke go for it 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