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Yes, we put on our bathing suits.

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affirmative amen fine good okay true yea all right aye beyond a doubt by all means certainly definitely even so exactly gladly good enough granted indubitably just so most assuredly naturally of course positively precisely sure thing surely undoubtedly unquestionably very well willingly without fail yep disagreed accepting acknowledgment acquiescence acquiring admission agreement approval assent compliance consent cooperation gaining getting go-ahead green light nod obtaining permission receipt receiving reception recognition securing taking on undertaking yes opposition disagreement rejection disapproval dissent dissension refusal veto denial acceptance disbelief acquiesce accede accept accommodate adapt adjust agree allow approve bow to buy cave in come across come around comply concur conform cry uncle cut a deal ditto give in give out go along jibe pass play ball reconcile roll over and play dead say uncle set shake on submit subscribe yield unfit decline disagree oppose differ 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allocated allotted appointed assigned associated connected consigned designated detailed earmarked imputed invested with named placed seconded sent took away unfastened severed separated removed retained neglected kept divorced disunited disjoined disconnected detached withheld attaches allocates allots appoints assigns associates connects consigns designates details earmarks imputes invests with lies names places puts seconds sends takes away unfastens severs separates removes retains neglects keeps divorces disunites disjoins disconnects detaches withholds attaching allocating allotting appointing assigning associating connecting consigning designating detailing earmarking imputing investing with lying naming placing putting seconding sending taking away unfastening severing separating removing retaining neglecting keeping divorcing disuniting disjoining disconnecting detaching withholding Put Put Put put it put it put in / putting in her hir his its their vis xyr your zir our Our Ours OUR THE Not our division clean dip douse immerse rinse scour scrub soak steep submerge wet bath cleanse dunk flood hose imbue moisten shower soap sponge suffuse tub water imbathe dehydrate dirty dry ignore lustration ablution absolution atonement baptism bathing catharsis depuration disinfection distillation expiation expurgation forgiveness grace lavation purgation purge rarefaction rebirth redemption refinement regeneration salvation sanctification washing purification corruption dirtying pollution adulteration swimming dizziness floating giddiness natation supernatation transnatation vertigo abstersion detersion fomentation laundry lavabo lavage lavement maundy soaking Bathing the bath Bath Bathe suit suits suited the suits The Suites
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