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YouTube Strangles Left-Wing Investigative Reporter w/ Outright Suppression

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YouTube Jazz Cabbage Youtube youtube gag inhibit kill restrain smother suffocate asphyxiate muffle repress shush squelch strangulate subdue suppress throttle garrote\u002Fgarrotte quelch free start allow let go release loose choke drown stifle strangle breathe loosen bar check clog close congest constrict dam die fill garrote gasp gibbet noose obstruct occlude overpower retard squeeze stop stopper stuff stunt wring expand advance encourage continue begin open help unblock permit liberate assist aid choked choking astringe circumscribe clench compress concentrate condense confine constringe contract cramp curb draw together limit narrow pinch restrict shrink tauten tense tighten tuck give increase stretch lengthen enlarge constricted larboard near port south hard to left nigh side portside sinister sinistral right revolutionary liberal progressive left-wing Socialist leftist conservative departed extra over continuing forsaken residual split leftover remaining staying marooned gone out core abandoned alone cast aside cast away deserted discarded dissipated dropped dumped eliminated empty forgotten given up godforsaken jilted left left in the cold left in the lurch neglected on the rocks outcast passed up pigeon-holed rejected relinquished shunned side-tracked sidelined unoccupied vacant vacated pure innocent supported maintained cherished adopted virtuous restrained moral chaste defended bare barren bereft cast off derelict desolate forlorn isolated left stranded lonely lorn solitary uncouth uninhabited busy full happy populated populous crowded productive filled inhabited pleased cheerful used gone AWOL absent astray away burned up consumed dead decamped deceased defunct disappeared disintegrated displaced dissolved done down the drain dried up elapsed ended extinct finished flown lacking lost missing moved no more nonextant not a sign of not here out the window passed past quit removed retired run-off shifted spent taken a powder taken leave transferred traveling turned to dust vanished withdrawn around alive present found saved hoarded working current living existing stored sufficient unfinished incomplete left wing left-winger leftism liberalism on the left progressiveness progressivism radical right wing advanced avant-garde broad broad-minded catholic enlightened flexible free general high-minded humanistic humanitarian indulgent intelligent interested latitudinarian lenient libertarian loose magnanimous permissive rational reasonable receiving receptive reformist tolerant unbiased unbigoted unconventional understanding unorthodox unprejudiced poor mean economical limited narrow wanting ungenerous thrifty greedy narrow-minded specific intolerant liberalistic Jazz Cabbage Left aileron airfoil appendage feather pennon pinion base headquarters group faction arm branch circle side unit division set projection annex addition protuberance expansion adjunct bulge detachment part protrusion clique coterie prolongation segment block ell depression connection subtraction shrinkage lessening whole accession accessory accretion accrual addendum additive aggrandizement appendix attachment augmentation bonus boost commission dividend enhancement enlargement extension extra gain hike increase increment option profit raise reinforcement rise supplement wing deduction drop fall decline withdrawal reduction loss decrease additions aegis auspices backing patronage shelter sponsorship affix subsidiary affiliate authority command department force offshoot power section sector body main incompetence weakness armies armed force artillery battalion battery brigade cavalry column company corps detail flight formation infantry legion outfit patrol unit platoon regiment soldiers soldiery squad troops individual Wing Jazz Cabbage wings analytical disquisitive examining impertinent inquiring inquisitive inspecting interested interfering intrusive meddlesome meddling nosy peeping peering prurient prying puzzled questioning scrutinizing searching snoopy analytic investigative problem-solving rational sound systematic analytic\u002Fanalytical cogent conclusive detailed diagnostic discrete dissecting explanatory expository interpretive judicious logical organized penetrating perceptive perspicuous precise ratiocinative reasonable scientific solid studious subtle testing thorough valid well-grounded reasonably synthetical unsystematic illogical disorganized chaotic cursory curious ordinary normal average incurious usual uninterested indifferent disinterested unconcerned hermeneutical critical demonstrative explicative illustrative revealing Socratic catechistic doubtful fact-finding heuristic interrogative investigatory outward-looking probing quizzical speculative unskeptical Jazz Cabbage columnist correspondent editor interviewer journalist writer anchor anchorperson announcer cub newscaster newsperson newswriter scribe scrivener stringer ink slinger legperson newshound press person broadcaster communicator deejay disc jockey leader of ceremonies reporter rip and reader spieler talker telecaster veejay author biographer composer creator essayist ghost ghostwriter originator playwright poet producer prose writer scribbler scripter word slinger wordsmith work-for-hire contributor epistler epistolarian freelancer gazetteer letter writer pen pal detective P. I. Sherlock Holmes agent analyst bird dog bloodhound bull constable cop dick eavesdropper eye fed fink flatfoot gumshoe informer nark peeper plainclothes officer police officer private eye private investigator prosecutor roper scout sergeant shadow shamus shoofly sleuth slewfoot snoop spy tail detectives Reporter Jazz Cabbage absolute downright pure unequivocal unmitigated utter wholesale all arrant consummate definite direct entire flat gross out-and-out perfect positive straightforward thorough thoroughgoing total undeniable unqualified whole imperfect indefinite mixed partial uncertain ambiguous conditional hesitating incomplete provisional complete flat out free full infinite no catch no fine print no holds barred no ifs ands or buts no joke no strings attached outright plenary sheer simple straight out supreme unabridged unadulterated unconditional unlimited unrestricted flawed dependent yielding circumscribed part abridged limited qualified submissive compliant complaisant tractable restricted accountable bounded unfinished needy greatest incompletely zero none bag and baggage entirely totally bald austere bare blunt forthright plain severe straight unembellished decorated adorned hairy hirsute blank regular straight-out occupied habited understanding excited aware animated filled blatant barefaced brassy clear conspicuous crying flagrant flashy flaunting garish gaudy glaring glitzy impudent loud meretricious naked obtrusive ostentatious overbold overt prominent pronounced protrusive screaming shameless showy snazzy unabashed unblushing silent unpronounced subtle quiet secret inconspicuous moral hidden concealed elimination overthrow abolishment annihilation defeat obliteration overriding suppressing abolition abrogation annulment cancellation destruction dissolution end ending eradication extirpation invalidation negation nullification overturning repeal repudiation rescindment rescission revocation subversion suppression termination voiding wiping out withdrawal promotion legalization establishment opening approval restoration enactment start construction beginning institution confirmation commencement validation arrest blockage cessation check checking delay halt hindrance inhibition interruption obstruction prevention restraining restraint stalling stay staying stoppage suspension release letting go activation freedom advance help encouragement liberation assistance aid continuation ban a thou-shalt-not boycott censorship don't embargo injunction interdiction limitation no-no off limits out of bounds prohibition proscription refusal restriction taboo allowance sanction permission blackout blue pencil bowdlerization control forbidding hush up infringing on rights iron curtain thought control recommendation praise endorsement compliment constraint a must coercion compulsion driving duress goad hang-up impelling impulsion monkey motive necessity pressure repression spring spur violence aggression discouragement liberty deterrent constraints Jazz Cabbage Suppression
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