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Zidane: "No pedí ningún '9', pero hasta el 31 de agosto..." | Diario AS

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Zidane habló en rueda de prensa tras el primer partido de pretemporada ante el Manchester United, que terminó en empate a uno.Disfruta de la mejor actualidad deportiva en nuestra web!: http://www.as.com Y no olvides suscribirte al canal de YouTube de Diario AS, HAZ CLICK AQUÍ: https://www.youtube.com/user/diarioas...


Zidane Los Ángeles pretemporada fichajes Real Madrid Morata Mbappé mercado manchester united united mourinho rueda de prensa tipsy stoned stewed high plastered inebriated crocked flying lush befuddled lit sloshed muddled glazed wasted flushed potted groggy tight laced tanked bashed buzzed fuddled totaled boozed up juiced sober affair bender blind bout carousal compotation drunk fling jag orgy toot binge blowout bust depravity dissipation dissoluteness excess fast living fornication gluttony incontinence indulgence intemperance intimacy la dolce vita lasciviousness lechery lewdness license licentiousness life in fast lane lust overindulgence revel revelry seduction sensuality sybaritism tear beside oneself carried away corybantic crazy delighted ecstatic enthused frantic frenetic frenzied furious hysterical intoxicated mad overwrought rabid rapturous thrilled transported wild boisterous disobedient disruptive fractious indisciplined intemperate noisy obstreperous off-base on-a-tear out-of-line out-of-order raucous rebellious refractory riotous rowdy stormy termagant tumultous/tumultuous turbulent uncompliant uncontrollable ungovernable unmanageable unruly wayward delirious doped euphoric freaked out on a trip spaced out absorbed affected captivated concerned dizzy elated enraptured excited exhilarated galvanized infatuated interested moved piqued quickened sent stimulated turned-on debauchery disorderly Drunk sweeping dynamic active urging lively vigorous violent galvanic weak wimpy aggressive anxious ardent aspiring avid ball of fire bent upon climbing come on come on strong designing desirous determined driving eager eager beaver earnest energetic enterprising enthusiastic fireball get up and go go-getter goal-oriented hard ball high-reaching hopeful hungry industrious inspired intent longing power-loving purposeful pushing pushy resourceful self-starting sharp soaring striving thirsty vaulting zealous absolute all-powerful arbitrary bossy czarlike despotic dictatorial domineering imperious monocratic tyrannical tyrannous coercion constraint demand drive duress duty engrossment exigency force hang-up have on the brain monkey necessity need obsession preoccupation prepossession pressure tiger by the tail urge urgency a must compulsion goad impelling impulsion motive no-no repression restraint spring spur suppression violence activating changing charismatic coming on strong compelling effective electric energizing forceful forcible go-ahead go-getting highpowered hyped-up influential intense lusty magnetic peppy play for keeps play hard ball potent powerful productive progressive red-blooded strenuous vehement vitalizing zippy animated breezy brisk demoniac fresh hardy high-powered indefatigable kinetic rugged snappy spirited sprightly spry stalwart strong sturdy tireless tough unflagging untiring vital vivacious ambitious autocratic Driving show trial test proof denial veto hiding strike parade sit-in march picket fast rally lie-in cause 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choice make decision make up one's mind opt for predestine prefer see fit separate set aside settle upon sift out single out sort take take up tap want weigh will winnow wish wish for alcove area bay berth booth carrel carriage category cell chamber corner cubbyhole cubicle department division locker niche nook part piece pigeonhole place portion stall assign calling choose compartment SLOT Slot SLOTS slots kill murder shoot frag maim slut that over there fat drunk girl slow pig gross nasty ass party girl stupid drunk passed out drunk girl whore gang bang group sex studious hard working busy bee good student over-achiver easy easy to have sex with pay yield fund stock gain gravy means split get take gate net wages debt loss assessment custom customs due excise impost levy rate revenue tariff toll balance bottom line emolument groceries in the black income lucre payoff piece of the pie proceeds profit receipts remuneration return reward salary salt stipend take-home takings award benefaction benefit bequest bestowal boon bounty dispensation donation funding gifting grant gratuity inheritance largess legacy nest egg pension presentation property provision stake subsidy trust affairs assets balance sheet budget capital cash condition funds net worth resources wealth wherewithal worth accounts receivable affluence backing bankroll belongings bread collateral currency dough earnings finance fluid assets hard cash kitty money money in the bank money on hand nut petty cash pork barrel possessions profits ready money savings scratch securities specie stakes store stuff substance treasure winnings avails benefits cash flow commission compensation dividends drawings gains gross harvest honorarium interest livelihood returns royalty take home wage duty endowment finances revenues pero Pero diario zidane Zidane flat line LOS imaginary line scrimmage line line of scrimmage Los løs los L.O.S. Real Madrid real madrid actual solid honest sound firm right stable bodily live valid true unreal hidden unclear unsure vague fake feigned untrue false obscure dubious mental invalid unfit authentic kosher legitimate real absolute ascertained authoritative clear conclusive confirmable definite demonstrable destined determined establishable evident fixed genuine guaranteed having down pat in the bag incontrovertible indubitable infallible irrefutable known on ice plain positive predestined provable reliable safe salted away set supreme sure sure thing trustworthy unambiguous undeniable undoubted unequivocal unerring unmistakable verifiable accurate corporeal detailed explicit material objective particular precise sensible specific substantial tangible absolutely bloody by all means clearly decisively determinedly distinctly downright emphatically flat out for a fact in spades no catch no holds barred no ifs ands or buts no mistake no strings attached of course positively powerful really straight out strongly surely terribly terrifically unequivocally unmistakably actually existing genuinely in effect in fact truly veritably categorical clear-cut closing complete completing concluding decisive determining ending exhaustive express final finishing last limiting nailed down perfect settling terminal terminating ultimate bona fide certain concrete decidedly de facto definitive Real Madrid madrid Mercado mercado Manchester manchester rose-hulman call challenge bluff dare manc mancunian gun chav liam gallagher manchester airport city population importance football best nightlife northern backbone culture capital underrated manchister manchaster punch unified linked allied cognate one conjoint pooled agreed banded leagued federal lined up tied in unitary divided separated separate aggregate assembled collated combined common compiled concentrated concerted consolidated cooperative corporate cumulative gathered grouped heaped hoarded joint massed mutual piled shared united accepted coincident collective communal communistic community commutual congruous conjunct constant correspondent customary general generic in common intermutual like popular prevailing prevalent public reciprocal social socialistic universal usual well-known widespread agreed upon collaborative planned prearranged akin applicable associated banded together bracketed coherent consecutive coupled in on with joined pertinent undivided agreeing coacting coactive coadjuvant coefficient collaborating collegial collusive combining concurring coordinated hand in glove harmonious in league interdependent joining participating symbiotic synergetic synergic team uniting amalgamated incorporated connected United first class airlines airline ual manchester football soccer fergie red devils mourinho
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