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Zip zap zoom: What to look for in a folding electric scooter

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Electric scooters could transform your commute. Before you buy, watch this video.


Sport and Outdoors Scooters First Look Sean Hollister Charlie Wagner vigor pep oomph verve life gusto zest drive punch zing brio vim lethargy apathy idleness laziness dash zoom fly rush run tear whiz slow walk halt action ardor bounce briskness buoyancy dynamism ebullience elation energy enthusiasm esprit excitement exhilaration fervor gaiety high spirits passion sparkle spirit sprightliness vibrancy vitality vivacity zap zeal zip élan burn edge guts kick piquancy spice sting animation bound elasticity give liveliness rebound recoil resilience springiness cruise flit glide hurry move pass sail sally skim slide slip sweep trip waltz cheerfulness cheeriness effervescence exuberance good feeling good humor happiness jollity spiritedness sunniness vim and vigor blank diddly squat goose egg insignificancy nada naught nil nobody nonentity nothing nought nullity squat zilch zippo zot bite breeze cipher zips kill create bear begin start abate abrogate annihilate annul call off cancel destroy disestablish dissolve end eradicate erase expunge extinguish extirpate finish inhibit invalidate negate nix nullify obliterate overthrow overturn prohibit put an end to put kibosh on put the kibosh on quash repeal repudiate rescind revoke scrub set aside squelch stamp out subvert supersede suppress terminate undo vacate vitiate void wipe out zap action ardor bounce brio briskness buoyancy dash dynamism ebullience elation energy enthusiasm esprit excitement exhilaration fervor gaiety high spirits life oomph passion pep sparkle spirit sprightliness verve vibrancy vigor vim vitality vivacity zeal zest zing zip élan abuse advance assail bash beset blast blitz bushwhack charge come down on go for haul off on invade jump jump down one's throat jump on one's case lay into let have it light into rape ruin set upon shoot down slam slap around storm strike trash violate work over ascendancy authorization beef clout command credit domination dominion edge esteem force goods government guts influence juice jurisdiction leg up license mastery might might and main permission permit pizzazz pow powerhouse prerogative prestige punch right ropes rule say say-so steam strength strong arm stuff supremacy sway upper hand warrant weight what it takes whip hand word beat beat up better blank bulldoze clobber conquer cream deck drub exceed excel flax floor get the better of knock off lambaste lick master outclass outdo outshine outstrip overcome prevail put away shut down surpass take care of take down tan thrash top total transcend triumph triumph over trounce wallop waste wax whip whomp whop wipe wipe the floor with burn kick piquancy spice sting abolish animation assault authority best bite Zap Z.A.P. zaps What?! what what? What What? stare peek eye review glance view sight leer flash gaze swivel regard slant case cast survey gander squint gun neglect face mien air guise mug disregard ignorance notice consider read study watch see peer gape scan beware goggle mind focus ogle mark tend note behold attend inspect spot gawk observe peep spy glower admire scout heed scorn avoid dodge miss sound show hide ignore cover seek hope hunt await find front address affectation ambience appearance atmosphere aura bearing comportment demeanor deportment effect feel feeling flavor impression look manner mannerism mood pose presence property quality semblance tone attitude blind carriage character condition countenance dress expression fashion feature figure form image looks mode outline presentation screen shape stamp facet aspect behavior display poise port set stand conduct gait pace positure stance step complexion embodiment hue style tinge tint turn visage Look Look... 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AND outdoor outdoors hog moped scooter dirt bike minibike motorbike scrambler chopper enduro motorcycle trail bike motorscooter small motorcycle motor scooter early prime head premier opening leading initial primary least pioneer key basic front ahead trivial minor extra last final ending dominant champion foremost chief ruling main arch advanced eminent supreme ranking primo greatest initially originally beforehand ancient earliest endemic first indigenous native original primeval primitive primordial earlier forward in front in the forefront in the lead previously prior avant-garde breakthrough cutting-edge excellent exceptional extreme higher late leading-edge liberal precocious progressive radical state-of-the-art unconventional advancing along ante antecedently at an advantage at the head before fore forwards in the foreground onward onwards precedent precedently preceding previous progressing to the fore accomplished consummate expert finished highest major master preeminent top A-1 ace bad beyond compare boss capital choicest cool culminating finest first-class first-rate incomparable inimitable matchless nonpareil number 1 optimum out-of-sight outstanding paramount peerless perfect premium principal sans pareil second to none super superlative terrific tops tough transcendent unequaled unparalleled unrivaled unsurpassed aboriginal advance best First! First FIRST!! FIRST look Look Look... LOOK look! Sean sean hollister Hollister Charlie charlie Wagner wagner WAGNER
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